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Training in the workplace: IT security

Workplace IT security training is business’ best defense against the increasing threat of cybersecurity. With effective and comprehensive security training, companies can educate their employees and in turn protect their assets, profits, and reputations.

IT security training awareness

It’s vital cybersecurity strategies include security training for employees and other end-users. But, data suggests many organizations feel their staff is not sufficiently equipped to mitigate this risk. If you need to improve your IT security training awareness, here are some key points to consider.

3 must-haves of mobile work device security

Mobile device management is critical for improving productivity for workers no matter where they are. Whether in the office or working remotely, your organization should have a robust mobile work device security program that can address BYOD’s challenges.

Microsoft: A complete mobile working solution

With Office 365 and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, your business has almost everything it needs for mobile work. Still, remote working comes with inherent risks. Learn about what Microsoft EMS offers so you can keep your business data safe even when allowing your employees to use their own devices.


The cost (and savings) of telework

Covid-19 has accelerated the move toward remote work – or telework. The once gradual shift toward new working practices has grown somewhat urgent, and you are probably weighing up the costs and savings of pivoting toward telework. Read on to learn more about your investment and its returns.

Staying compliant with mobile working solutions

With the shift in work environments, your employees are now working remotely, changing the risk paradigm. To ensure that you remain compliant and data secure, you’ll need mobile working solutions that fit your specific needs and provide your team with the support they need to continue their work.

5 key considerations when implementing a telecommuting workflow

Telecommuting has many benefits for employees and employers alike. Given the technological advances that have occurred, it seems that telecommuting is becoming a standard for the current workforce. Consider the following when implementing guidelines around your potential telecommuting program.