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Keep IT CAPEX costs down with virtual desktops

Virtualization eliminates the need to acquire or upgrade physical assets, or CAPEX. When you virtualize your desktop and access your applications online, you shift those solutions to operational expenses, or OPEX. This is much more affordable because you only pay for what you need—what you actually use.

A Look at the Security of Your Email Server

As we’ve witnessed in the 2016 presidential campaign, email server security is not a subject to be taken lightly. Studies show on average businesses have a 1 in 3 chance of getting hacked. With hackers becoming increasingly smarter and skillful by the day, it’s important to maintain your email server security and follow best practices. […]

9 Ways the Cloud can Simplify Your Infrastructure

The cloud is everywhere. You’re likely using the cloud as a solution for at least some of your needs already. In fact, 85 percent of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. The question many small businesses ask themselves is, what are the benefits that enterprises see in the cloud? Is it safe? Does it really offer […]