Reevaluating the Security of Your Email Server

Regardless of your industry, the sheer volume of traffic handled…
Service Desk

Spring Cleaning with a New Service Desk

Spring is in full swing, and for many businesses it’s one of…
Cisco Partner

RedNight Consulting Announces Certification in the Cisco Select Partner Program

Aliso Viejo, CA – 15 March 2017 – RedNight Consulting, a southern California-based IT support provider, is a certified member of the Cisco Select Partner Program.
Internet of Things (IoT)

Is Your Office Ready for the Internet of Things? Try an IT Consultant.

True, we don’t yet have the flying cars as seen in those films, but one thing we do have – and will only become more commonplace – is advanced connected devices. These connected devices – called the Internet of Things, or IoT – have already become staples within the home and within businesses. With their anticipated population explosion, will you be ready? With an expert IT consultant, you will be.
person counting coins - cost saving ideas

Five Great Cost Saving Ideas for Business

With all the expenses that are required of a company, any cost saving idea is worth a try. Here are a few ideas that could make a difference.
woman working remotely because of virtual desktops

Don’t Want to Buy A Ton of Computers for Your Team? Try Virtual Desktops

Affordability, convenience, and increased productivity are only a few of the benefits that virtual desktops bring to a business. Learn more.
Woman monitoring network through IT support

Things Your IT Support Provider Should be Doing for You

Your IT Support Provider should be doing more than just fixing computers.
IT Support

What the Right IT Solutions Can Do for Your Company

We’ve all thought at one point or another, “There must be…
Woman drinking coffee as she works on the computer at night

Why Outsourced IT Support is Becoming the Business Standard

Let’s take a quick look at three different scenarios in which an in-house IT support provider might respond vs. the way an outsourced IT support provider might.

RedNight Consulting Named as Newest Partner of AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Program

Aliso Viejo, CA – December 27, 2016 – RedNight Consulting,…
technical support specialist on headset phone call

The Benefits of a Technical Support Specialist

Computers have evolved quite a bit. Should we then continue to rely on regular IT guys to keep our systems and infrastructures up and running, or do they require something more? They definitely do. What they require is a Technical Support Specialist.