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RedNight’s Firewall Pick: Cisco Meraki

In addition to a dashboard that allows you to remotely control your security settings, the Cisco Meraki cloud-based firewall also offers powerful features to maximize protection and performance:

  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Cloud-brokered VPN
  • Content Filtering
  • Malware Protection
  • High Availability

What a Firewall Protects Against

With a firewall acting as an intelligent shield around your network, you can proactively protect your network against:

Get the Best Business Firewall Available

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Secure Your Network Loopholes

Hackers are constantly searching for any openings or opportunities to hack into a network and steal your information. DMR’s 2016 Cybersecurity Report actually found that 51% of businesses have fallen victim to one of these attacks. With the right firewall, however, your network won’t become part of that statistic.

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