How to Get the Most Out of Office 365

office people working efficiently

Did IT support or IT managed services upgrade your software to Office 365? If you’ve started using Office 365, it can increase workflows and productivity. Last year, it was reported that over 120 million business professionals use Office 365. It’s not just Word and Excel or PowerPoint. Office 365 is a productivity tool that businesses can use to increase efficiencies. A Forbes article noted users have more flexibility of Office 365. You can integrate your Office programs with the cloud, a hybrid environment, or on-premises. And, you can work anytime and anywhere, even virtually.

Here are a few ways you and your team can get the most out of your Office 365 experience.

Ask IT Support or Managed IT Services to Help You Tidy Up Your Inbox

Do you know the benefits of Office 365? One of the features Office 365 has to offer is a clutter tool. This powerful feature can transform your crowded inbox into one that’s easy to read. You can automate messages into folders by setting rules.

Don’t want to see any more spam messages? Auto delete them. Save all PDFs into one folder and set rules to print out each document.

Create Stunning Presentations with Sway

If you’re not familiar with Sway, it’s a presentation creating tool. You can use it to integrate with other software or even social media. Sway is not the same as PowerPoint. Sway is a standalone feature that you can use with YouTube, OneDrive, Twitter, or Bing.

If you’re unsure how to get started with this, ask your IT support or your managed IT services for assistance with the setup. You’ll then have video and image integration. And, you can take your presentations to another level!

Say Goodbye to Typos in Your Email Messages

Testing out a few new Office 365 hacks? Another cool way to get the most out of Office 365 is with its MailTips feature. You can find this in Outlook for Office 365. You can set up rules to catch common mistakes you might make.

An example is if you forget to add attachments, you can set an alert to remind you. You can also send one if you’re about to “reply to sender” instead of replying to all.

Send and Save Your Documents Anywhere

Working on collaborative projects and need to share documents? When you have access to all the documents you need, it can increase workflows. Office 365 lets you sync to Sharepoint and OneDrive. You can share documents and set administrative rights for sharing access. And, you can open them virtually from anywhere including from cloud.

If you’re unsure about how to let external users access your Sharepoint, contact IT support or your managed IT services. They can set up a tutorial to walk you through it. Or, let them configure rights for users in and outside of your organization.

Final Thoughts

Office 365 is so convenient and it has helpful features to increase productivity. You can work on the go, access documents in the cloud, and automate common tasks (like that pesky inbox). This is essential for busy people on the go. Try out the new features so you can get to know all that Office 365 has to offer.