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Software That’s as Unique as You Are

Your company isn’t like any other. Your people, your processes and your performance make you one of a kind. So why would you expect cookie-cutter solutions to work for you?

Your existing applications can scale faster, run cheaper and perform better if they are rebuilt to be cloud native. RedNight understands how to modify or refactor your existing applications to take advantage of these platforms. Adapting your application to take advantage of the newest cloud technologies will lower your total costs to run your application.

Software Development with RedNight Consulting:

  • Integrate several different data sources together to report in real time on one dashboard
  • Custom web applications to track your business’ unique inventory
  • Develop a platform to manage and report on end user usage of a product
  • Develop useful mobile apps
  • Set up Microsoft Power BI to report on manual data sets and save your team time

The Custom Solutions That Drive Results

You shouldn’t have to work around your software solutions. Your software solutions should be tailored to work with you. We can make that happen.

Imagine the data you need, all neatly organized in a custom dashboard that makes visibility easy and immediate.

When your software solutions are custom, your team can focus on business objectives instead of technical obstacles.

Data drives business. The better your data analysis, the more you can do to streamline and boost profitability.

“RedNight knows both IT and business. They help guide you through the technology, but also give you great recommendations on how technology actually fits within your business.”

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