California FAIR Plan Case Study

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Case Study in Brief

The California FAIR Plan Association provides last-resort fire insurance for property owners in California who can’t obtain insurance in the traditional market. As they modernized their technology, they realized the need for a more secure data recovery option in case of disaster, especially since their property insurance information is critical for clients. They turned to AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions.

“Honestly, there was no comparison when it came down to this solution. From a technical standpoint, the ease of use was huge.”

Solutions Overview

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery offers cost-effective, automated backup and recovery processes to minimize downtime during a disaster and swiftly regain access to data. This solution has helped the California FAIR Plan improve its DR capabilities and provide peace of mind for both themselves and their clients.

Key Challenges

The California FAIR Plan had backups of their data with their previous provider, but it wasn’t replicated, leading to concerns about restoration times. With the critical nature of property insurance, they needed a faster solution. They also wanted to explore the public cloud and undergo a digital transformation, seeking a complete, cost-effective DR solution with limited downtime to help their clients in need.

“Everybody that we’ve worked with [from RedNight] has been available and there to answer questions, and if they can’t answer it, they’ll get the answer and come back to us.”

Kory Lalama

System Administrator

Results and Benefits

With the help of RedNight Consulting, the California FAIR Plan modernized its application and successfully transferred its servers to the cloud. AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery provided resilience, full visibility, and significant cost savings. The company swiftly activated its production account on AWS, establishing it as the primary environment for new applications. This move resulted in increased data availability, improved disaster recovery capabilities, and scalability and flexibility.

The Takeaway

The California FAIR Plan Association successfully underwent a digital transformation with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. With continuous replication of data and the ability to test backups at any time, the company has embraced the newest technology to provide quality services to property owners. RedNight Consulting’s expertise in staying up to date with the latest technological advancements enables them to offer businesses effective solutions like AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. Upgrade your company with flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions from RedNight Consulting.

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