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RedNight empowers our clients by giving them our knowledge through consulting and through our solution guidance. Here in our Information Center, we provide additional information and content to help round out your IT knowledge. Any piece of content you’ll find on this page is 100% complimentary. Feel free to download and share however you see fit – with no strings attached!

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Take Your Infrastructure to the Cloud

Get out of the business of buying, owning and managing servers. Public cloud providers are more reliable, easier to backup, and more secure than having on-premise servers in your office.


9 New Ways the Cloud Can Simplify Your Infrastructure

We offer nine ways we believe the cloud can simplify your infrastructure, each of which pays untold dividends in how you do business.


10 Technologies that Help You Work from Anywhere

Help your team work from anywhere with improved productivity and ideal collaboration without compromising cybersecurity.


Why Switch Your IT to Managed Services?

MSPs make your technology work toward your business goals, not the other way around.


How a Great Firewall Can Save Your Business from a Huge Headache

Hackers are clever, malicious and abundant – putting every business at risk – but firewalls can halt their attacks.


Keep IT CapEx Costs Down with Virtual Desktops

In addition to keeping reducing costs, virtual desktops offer simplicity, customization, security, flexibility, storage space, and more.


The Benefits of Migrating Your Company to Office 365

Reach your highest levels of efficiency and productivity when you adopt all the tools and features that come with Office 365.


Are You Protected?
A Look at the Security of Your Email Server.

With email so widely used, it’s not hard for a hacker to understand its inner workings. Protect yourself from attacks by securing your email server.


Let Managed IT
Lead You to Business Growth

Whether you want more time for your business, money-savings, or strategic ways to get ahead in your industry, managed IT can provide it all.


The Top Three Greatest Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can save your business money, provide flexibility, and enhanced security like never before. How? Read on to discover.


Cloud Computing: The Best Benefits of Comprehensive Professional Services

90% of organizations use the cloud in some way, with 50% using cloud services as their preferred solution.


Data Backup: The Link Between Your Company’s Success and Failure

Why quality data backup is crucial to your system and how your business’s ability to continue after disaster relies on these backups.


Lowering Costs with Virtual Desktops

There are many reasons why more than 76% of organizations are taking advantage of virtualization and virtual desktops. Read on to discover them.


Accelerating Your Business Growth with Technology

RedNight Consulting was founded upon the principle of acting as a guide to small-and-medium-sized businesses through transitioning data and information structures to the Cloud.


DeX: A New Way to Work

Galaxy Note8: Transition to Amazon Cloud Services

Tamarack Increases Productivity by Switching to Samsung DeX

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