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A Case Study on the Tamarack Aerospace Group

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Case Study in Brief

Tamarack Aerospace Group develops disruptive winglet products that improve the fuel efficiency of aircraft. As their product gained renown, they needed to switch to a highly scalable collaboration and productivity platform that allowed them to seamlessly work with clients and staff from all across the world.

“The fear of switching platforms was high beforehand. But I was very impressed. I had a lot of apprehensions… but the switch was easy and I was up and running very quickly.”

Tamarack Increases Productivity by
Switching to Samsung DeX

The Challenge

As a growing organization, Tamarack needed to consolidate software and hardware for its staff. They needed proper IT consulting to help them determine the best options that fit their business needs.

Until they partnered with RedNight, they were using disparate systems that barred them from communicating and collaborating effectively. They also found it difficult to share files securely across workspaces with their teams in various locations.

Another pain point was having to drag around laptops on every trip to gain access to the company’s network. They had a typical client server environment with backend file servers, which limited their mobility from an infrastructure standpoint.

The Solution

As the consultant that brought it all together, we worked with Amazon to manage Work Spaces as the cloud environment, Ingram Micro to manages the partner ecosystem, and Samsung to support the staff with top-of-the-line devices and hardware.

With all the ingredients coming together, we were able to create an environment that allowed Tamarack to operate without pause. Their productivity jumped considerably, as did the stability of their IT infrastructure.

With a more unified collaboration and productivity platform, Tamarack was also able to support their staff far more easily than they ever could before.

“The partnership… was integral in allowing us to really be productive from day one and hit the ground running. We’re really happy.”

The Takeaway

IT manager Leonard Wilson noted that the implementation of AWS has given him greater visibility and control over employee workstations. The Samsung devices also work wonders in helping the organization do more with less hardware.

If you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, let’s have a chat. Much like Tamarack, we can help your business to unlock the full potential of the cloud, backed by the expertise of our engineers.

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