Old West Investments Achieves Essential Savings and Efficiency Using Amazon WorkSpaces

A Case Study on Old West Investments

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Case Study in Brief

Old West Investment Management (Old West) was having trouble with its on-premises managed service provider (MSP). The MSP’s technical debt, unclear licensing fee structure, and complex management environment led Old West to decline a multiyear renewal contract, which meant that the company had to find a new option fast. Old West would eventually find a workable solution, helped by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner RedNight Consulting (RedNight), which connected the company to Amazon WorkSpaces, a managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service solution offered by AWS. The investment management company made the migration within 2 weeks, meeting its tight deadline. The simple monthly payments for Amazon WorkSpaces replaced the convoluted and excessive licensing fees of the company’s previous MSP, and the solution’s fully managed backend infrastructure enabled Old West to focus more of its time and resources on providing the best financial services for its clients. 

“For my two partners who are remote 100% of the time and my one partner who’s remote probably 50% of the time, the remote work environment enabled by Amazon WorkSpaces is paramount.”

The Challenge

Old West prides itself on adhering to the legendary “code of the West” by treating its customers the way that its own people would like to be treated. With an emphasis on exceptional service for clients and investors, the Old West management team knew that it couldn’t spend too much time bogged down in technical details pertaining to digital operations. In the world of finance, one missed or delayed investment opportunity can end up costing companies and their clients millions of dollars. Old West was making use of trading platform Bloomberg Terminal, plus backend applications Moxy and APX, as an enterprise resource planning platform, but the previous MSP’s complex management environment made using these applications difficult. “It’s hard enough to have good performance,” says Boskovich. “It’s kind of silly to lose a client or not get an additional piece of business because a statement’s not getting out on time or you’re not able to access current client data or do something when you need to do it.”

The Solution

Despite the very short timeline for the transition, Old West ultimately found the migration to Amazon WorkSpaces seamless and effective. The migration not only cleared up Old West’s technical quagmire and facilitated greater focus on clients but also afforded key benefits in and of itself. One of the first major technical benefits that the company found using Amazon WorkSpaces was a much more seamless connection with its mission-critical backend applications, including Bloomberg Terminal. This enabled everything to work more efficiently on the technical side of Old West’s operations. Old West didn’t even have to engage AWS; the deployment and user training were handled entirely by RedNight, freeing Old West’s management team to focus on the most important thing: its clientele. “There really hasn’t been any interruption in any part of our business since we started working with RedNight and on Amazon WorkSpaces,” says Boskovich. 

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