10 Technologies that Help You Work from Anywhere

The way we work is changing. A recent study showed that one in three millennials prioritize device flexibility, social media freedom and work mobility over salary. That is a stark change to just a few decades ago when salary was everything. This is where IT outsourcing comes into play.

As a business owner, you have to decide how to create a work environment that attracts the talented people you need to reach your business goals while maximizing your productivity. With that in mind, we want to give you 10 technologies that can help your team work from anywhere with improved productivity and ideal collaboration without compromising cybersecurity.

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File Sharing

Access to your business’ data is paramount. File sharing is an important component of modern business to ensure that everyone is working on the latest and greatest of drafts. As IT outsourcing experts, we believe these are the top resources for file sharing and collaboration.

Google Doc Icon

1. Google Docs

Using Google Suite for its file sharing is a great way to collaborate with your team. No matter where your employees are, you rest assured that your team has access to vital data, on any device with internet access. With automatic saving and the templates feature, your team is always on the same page.

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2. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive for Business, especially in combination with Office 365, gives you great cloud benefits, including security and integrity in file backups. With advanced encryption and compliance, you never have to worry about your data security.

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3. Dropbox

Like its competitors, Dropbox for Business gives you collaboration and syncing tools that meet your business needs and help you maintain the structure of your business, with admin levels and controls, device approvals and other benefits.

Video Conferencing

A huge component of team collaboration lies in video conferencing. Face-to-face communication can dramatically affect how your team functions as a unit. Luckily, the state of video conferencing gives you options.

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4. Skype for Business

Skype for Business gives you the ability to video conference with up to 250 people, even if the attendants don’t have the tool. In combination with Office 365, you can start video conference from Office software, like Word and PowerPoint.

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5. Facebook Messenger

In an attempt to compete in the landscape of social media integration with business, Facebook Messenger does offer free video calling.

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6. Ring Central

Ring Central for Business is another popular tool for video conferencing, with good international service, multilanguage support and more. Desktop sharing also proves useful when teams are collaborating.

Instant Messaging

Keeping your team in touch during the workday is of high importance when your productivity is on the line. With instant messaging, your team is on call when they need to be.

Slack Icon

7. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging tool designed for keeping workflow on track. With channels and direct messaging capabilities, communication is simplified and prioritized.

Project Management

Organizing tasks is essential for keeping your team moving. These are just a few of the options for great workflow software.

Basecamp Icon

8. Basecamp

A well-defined workflow is critical for staying integrated, and Basecamp is one of the top providers for project management. Basecamp allows for streamlined processes and accountability with tasks.

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9. Jira

This task-based project software is great for planning, tracking and releasing projects with lots of oversight abilities. Plus, the reporting capabilities with Jira are quite handy.


With modern BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) allowances, having strong security measures keeps your business running. But the laptop is your key component when working from anywhere.

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10. Laptops

Unifying your laptops across your team means there’s never a gap in tech knowledge from one employee to the next. Workstations are easily added as you grow, and replacement is a cinch when disaster strikes.

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