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Empowering the Produce Industry With AWS Technology

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Technology Designed For the Produce and Agriculture Industry

The agriculture and produce industry have been increasingly adopting precision technologies to drive daily efficiencies and outcomes. The data generated from various technologies can help to drive improvements for the agriculture industry for now and the future.

With this new technology, produce and agriculture employees can work from anywhere while keeping information safe and secure. This increased IT reliability leads to less downtime, more productivity, and collaboration.

At RedNight Consulting, you have an IT partner that understands the produce industry and the technology challenges that occur. We understand the applications you run, and how to implement them all in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS with RedNight Consulting:

  • Run your core business apps from Amazon
  • Allow your salespeople to work from anywhere
  • Stay connected from any device to your Warehouse Management System
  • Get rid of the servers in your environment
  • Maximize operational efficiency

“It is seamless. It is very simple. I appreciate the simplicity of it. I am absolutely 100% sure that moving into Amazon was the right move for us for multiple reasons. It also really works for any non-technical person. So that is a really big factor.”

Cari Upchurch, Sierra Produce

Working Together Hand-in-hand

Making the first step to incorporate technology into your produce or agriculture operation isn’t always easy to do alone. We’ll ensure your strategic needs are met every step of the way.

Creating A Well-Designed Framework that Works with Produce Operations

As an Amazon partner, we’re uniquely qualified to evaluate your produce operations and applications against current best practices to deliver an uniquely tailored cloud solution.

Amazon Web Services for the Produce Industry

Read our whitepaper on AWS for the agriculture industry.


“Imagine a technology driven marketplace that ties farmers directly to consumers — one where farmers grow a percentage of their crops pre-contracted for value-added niche markets rather than the traditional ‘commodity’ ones.”

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