The Benefits of a Technical Support Specialist

technical support specialist on headset phone call

Remember 1990? Granted, that was over a quarter century ago. (Sorry, not trying to remind you of your age.) 1990 was the time of the birth of trendy flannel shirts, alternative music, and the standard IT department. Computers started springing up on office desks everywhere, and “IT guys” were quickly becoming more and more busy trying to keep up with installing, updating, and maintaining them all.

Fast forward to today. Computers have evolved quite a bit. Should we then continue to rely on regular IT guys to keep our systems and infrastructures up and running, or do they require something more? They definitely do. What they require is a Technical Support Specialist.

Always Up To Date on the Latest and Greatest

When something isn’t working right in your computer or your network, the last thing you want to hear from the one maintaining your tech is, “I’m not familiar with that program. I’ll have to look into it.” The moment you realize you actually know more about your tech than your IT guy does, you know you need a Technical Support Specialist who takes the time to familiarize themselves with the newest releases. They know what they’re doing and, more importantly, they know what you’re doing.

Always Have Great Advice

You may have already noticed a standard IT guy’s recommendation seem to consistently revolve around you spending more and more money. A Technical Support Specialist, however, keeps your budget in the forefront of their minds, much like an IT consultant. But whereas an IT consultant is more for strategic planning and long-term solutions, a Technical Support Specialist is great for immediate solutions.

Always Available When You Need Them

When you’re up late at night working on an extremely important project you need completed by morning, the second-to-last thing you want is for your network to suddenly have a problem. And when that happens, the actual LAST thing you want is to have to call your sleeping IT guy to wake up and try to fix it. Your Technical Support Specialist is always on-call, and if you have an emergency morning, noon, or night, they can get to work on immediately fixing the problem and letting you get back to productivity.

Find Your Technical Support Specialist at RedNight

We’re quite proud of the Technical Support Specialist crew we’ve assembled at RedNight, and we’re ready and waiting to help you and your company with whatever comes your way. Give us a call and we’ll show you exactly what we can do for you.