Mastering the Team Game: A Recipe for Business Success

Chris INC

If you’re a business owner managing a team, you’ve likely realized the pivotal role that the right or wrong teammates play in the success of a company. Ensuring that you have the right individuals on your team is crucial. Chris Ploessel, Founder and President at RedNight Consulting, was recently featured in INC Magazine’s article “The Recipe For Creating a Winning Team” where Chris and other founders across multiple organizations gave their hard-earned advice for designing an org chart, hiring for the C-suite and how to break up with bad hires.

According to Chris “To hire for the C-suite, we rely heavily on our indus­try trade associations and peer groups to help us qualify candidates. If someone has experience in our field, they will have run in these circles and will have left a wake.”

Visit INC magazine’s article “The Recipe For Creating a Winning Team” to learn more about effective strategies for defining your organizational structure to crafting C-suite positions and attracting suitable candidates to fill them.

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