Why Outsourced IT Support is Becoming the Business Standard

Woman drinking coffee as she works on the computer at night

Why is outsourced IT support becoming the business standard? Well, honestly – for several reasons. While the cost of outsourced IT support is often comparable – if not less – than hiring your own in-house IT team, the majority of the reason revolves around efficiency.

Let’s take a quick look at three different scenarios in which an in-house IT support provider might respond vs. the way an outsourced IT support provider might.

A Strange Error Message Pops Up During Your Workday

In-house: “Hm. What did you do to make it happen? Uh, okay. I should be up there within the next hour. I’ll take a look at it then.”

Outsourced: “Yes sir! We got an alert a few minutes ago about the error, and are already working on the problem. We’ve almost got it remedied, and you should be back to work here in just a minute or two.”

You Have a Question About Some Older Software

In-house: “Yeah, it looks like you’re using an outdated version of ApacheNote. You’re really gonna need to go ahead and upgrade. There’s not much I can do otherwise.” 

Outsourced: “Okay, so I found a patch for your version of ApacheNote which will allow you to keep working on it until the end of the year, at which time the software will no longer be supported. But you have time now to plan for the budgeting of the upgrade, and we’ll find you the best price.”

A Network Outage at 3AM, and You’re Working

In-house: “. . . hello? *grunt* Um, it’s three o’clock in the morning, any way this could wait until the morning? I’d really have to drive to the office to get anything done.”

Outsourced: “Thanks for calling RedNight! I know you need to get back to work on your project, and I see where the issue is. I’m going to reset it remotely and hopefully, this will have you back online and working in just a few minutes.”

The Choice of IT Support Providers is Clear

This was just a small example of why more and more businesses are opting for outsourced IT support. We hope you’re among them. If you’re ready to make it happen, let’s have a conversation about what RedNight can provide for you and your organization.