RedNight Consulting Announces Certification in the Cisco Select Partner Program

Cisco Partner

Aliso Viejo, CA – 15 March 2017 – RedNight Consulting, a southern California-based IT support provider, is a certified member of the Cisco Select Partner Program.

This certification allows RedNight Consulting to be recognized on their website, as well as on the Cisco partner portal, as a certified partner. Contrasted against the traditional Cisco stack – where many configurations settings were required to be performed in the command line – the Meraki Web Portal manages the clients’ devices and locations all on one page.

“We have become raving fans of the Cisco Meraki full stack of products,” said Charlotte Ouwehand, Vice President of Operations for RedNight Consulting, “We are incredibly proud of the fact we have both the education and training on both the sales and engineering side to support these products. Our engineers actually get excited when we send them on a Meraki deployment because they know how quick and fun it will be. The convenience of the Meraki Web Portal is really useful to our customers who have multiple sites. They are no longer required to set up a third-party product to manage and monitor their firewalls, switches, Wireless AP’s, phones, and cameras.  This ease of use, reliability and manage-from-anywhere capability is why we believe we experience 200x of continual growth of our Cisco Meraki networking and firewall sales year over year. We only expect this growth to continue, and are proactively training our staff to handle all of the Cisco Meraki stack of products.”

RedNight Consulting works out of Aliso Viejo, serving businesses across Southern California and beyond. The company delivers the engineering expertise that is required to facilitate a migration, build the new virtual infrastructure and deploy Cloud-based applications. Afterwards RedNight acts as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that offers the customer 24/7 Cloud and technical support for any immediate needs. The company supports customers in Cloud servers, virtual desktops (Amazon Workspaces) and Cloud applications such as Office 365 and Exchange Email. Moving to the Cloud with the help of an expert like RedNight makes IT environments significantly more secure, accessible from anywhere and frees up IT teams to do strategic work. Visit or call 949.464.7330 for more information.


Charlotte Ouwehand, Vice President of Operations

RedNight Consulting

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