The Top Three Greatest Benefits of Cloud Computing

The term “cloud computing” is surely one that you are familiar with by now. This phrase has taken the IT world by storm. Why? Well, there are a lot of benefits that come with storing your data in secure, offsite storage centers accessible by internet.

Are you looking for a way to save money on your IT expenses? Do you need more flexibility in your business operations? Are you looking for more security backup options? Cloud computing can provide a beneficial answer to all of these questions.

Here at RedNight Consulting, we are all in when it comes to the cloud, and there are many reasons why. Here are three of the biggest reasons why we find the cloud to be such a great solution.

Cloud Computing Is An Operational Expense

Quite simply, this means you will save money. Cloud computing services are pay as you go, following a subscription-based model that is charged at a flat, monthly rate. With this operation method, there’s no need for any additional capital costs such as buying hardware. This makes budgeting a lot easier and allows you to be more strategic about your expenses.

In fact, 70% of businesses have reported that because of their migration to the cloud, they’ve been able to reinvest funds back into their business. It has also been found that cloud computing is up to 40 times more cost-effective for an SMB. After knowing these stats, do you still want to go on running your own IT system?

The Cloud Allows You To Be Extremely Flexible

One of the greatest qualities of the cloud is how flexible it allows businesses to become. As we mentioned earlier, with cloud computing, all of your data will be stored in the cloud (secure, offsite data storage areas), and the way you access your data is through an internet connection and a device (and the right credentials, of course). With this, you can now work from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and a device.

Whether you want to work from home, another city, another state, or another country, cloud computing makes it possible to stay connected with your company data, files and coworkers.

Offering more flexible working perks to your employees is always a good thing. Happy employees will only increase productivity!

Cloud-based apps also greatly increase communication and collaboration efficiency. In fact, apps like email and collaboration software are the most common cloud-based apps that SMBs adopt. When your team can access, edit and share documents in real time no matter where they are located, productivity increases tremendously. 59% of SMBs have actually reported that using cloud services has significant productivity benefits.

The cloud’s capacity is also very scalable. If your needs ever increase, no worries. We’ll take care of it without wasting your money on new IT equipment. This level of flexibility can really give your business an advantage over your competitors. It’s actually a top reason why companies make the switch over to the cloud.

Cloud Services Also Automatically Update

Image how much time this will save you. Software updates usually take so long, but in the cloud, you don’t worry about this anymore. We’ll take care of it all for you! In addition to freeing up time, this also saves you additional costs that may have been necessary for maintenance. In fact, 47% of businesses have had lower operating costs because of the cloud.

Not only that, but the cloud’s self-sufficient features make a variety of other things easier to achieve, such as compliance. 91% of SMBs have actually been able to satisfy their compliance requirements more easily through the cloud.

The Cloud Also Has Great Security and BDR Services

What company doesn’t want to have the best security system protecting their precious data? 94% of SMBs have experienced security benefits in the cloud that they didn’t have before. Firstly, because your data is stored offsite, you don’t have to worry if your physical hardware is stolen. Your data is still safe.

With cloud computing comes automatic backup and a disaster recovery plan that will return your data to you instantly, so business never has to halt or suffer because of inevitable causes. Recovery times are actually about four times faster with cloud computing services.

Secondly, cloud databases are highly secured and monitored, almost at a government-type level, and they offer options such as encryption to further protect your precious information. By 2020, 78% of U.S. small businesses are expected to have fully adopted cloud computing.

The cloud is bursting with potential, but it requires experts to manage its evolving infrastructure. At RedNight Consulting, we provide that support and more.

Ready to make the switch over to the cloud? Contact us and we’d love to chat and help you go through a seamless transition! What’re you waiting for?