Why is your franchised restaurant chain still working with an on-premise server?

Two restaurant employees looking at tablet

Remember when the only option you had for communicating with the written word over a distance was the mail? You may still use the mail sometimes—because it’s quaint or because you’re dealing with paperwork that has to be presented as a hardcopy—but it’s unlikely standard mail service is still your go-to for sending a letter.

Why is that?

Because we have better, faster options. Need to say something quick? There’s IM or SMS messaging. Do you want to send a full-blown letter? Who has time to hunt down stamps and envelopes when there’s email?

You get the idea. But weirdly, we don’t apply the same principle across the board. Here’s a perfect example. Is your restaurant chain still using on-premise servers? If so, why?

You know sending a letter in the mail is outdated because there are better options. So why are you still working with an on-premise server?

The problem with outdated tech

Technology ages. That’s what it does. It’s inevitable. Today, we see clear value in email, IM messaging, video conferencing and other current tools. In a few years, who knows? There may be some new kind of communication that makes what we use now seem archaic.

Sticking with older forms of technology forces inefficiency, which all-to-often translates into lost profits.

A Forbes article from 2017 highlighted several disadvantages to working with outdated technology, including:

  • It takes longer to do basic administrative tasks
  • It’s harder for your company to stay relevant and competitive
  • Older technology makes it far harder to remain agile
  • And your employees won’t be thrilled about using tools that seem ancient

And that article was published in 2017. The more tech advances, the worse the negative effects of sticking to legacy systems.

6 reasons your franchised restaurant chain should be working in the cloud

At RedNight Consulting, we prefer to be solution focused rather than fixate on problems. So let’s talk about some of the strategic advantages of moving from an on-premise server to the cloud, specifically for franchised restaurant chains.

1. The cloud is just more convenient

There are a lot of reasons to move your franchised restaurant chain to the cloud, but let’s start with the one you’ll experience every single day. The cloud is convenient.

Information is always synced, readily available throughout your organization at every location, making all the data you have coordinated to effectively run a franchised chain so much easier to manage. Who doesn’t like that kind of practicality?

“The primary driver behind cloud computing has been convenience.”


2. The cloud is better for multiple locations

We touched on this above, but it’s worth calling out all on its own. The cloud is ideally suited for any business with multiple locations. And given the fast pace of the restaurant business, the cloud is a dream come true.

As CIO points out, “More and more applications are being moved to the cloud, allowing users to access their work from multiple locations, multiple devices, and numerous device types.”

3. The cloud is more agile

You’ve known since you were a kid that “everyone else is doing it” is hardly a good reason to do something, yourself. And yet, when it comes to the cloud there’s good reason why everyone else is moving in that direction.

Cloud apps allow you to stay competitive and current in real-time because they’re always up-to-date. You don’t even have to mess with time-consuming updates and maintenance. Your employees (and your IT department) will like the sound of that.

4. The cloud is likely to be more secure

The cloud is already a secure venue for data storage. (Which is not to say it’s perfect. It’s important you work with a cloud application partner who knows how to keep your data safe.) And the cloud is only getting safer.

In fact, we’re likely on the cusp of AI cloud-based cybersecurity that will surpass anything we’ve had to this point.

“2019 is predicted to be the year when network-based security becomes obsolete and instead, we start thinking about the next stage in online security.”


5. The cloud makes procurement way easier

You can’t effectively run a franchised restaurant chain without a smooth procurement process. It’s critical that everyone from the folks at HQ to the managers in individual locations have a clear view of current supplies at all times.

Cloud-based procurement solutions allow for what one article describes as a “fluid, cross-functional flow of information between procurement, enterprise buyers, suppliers, and the finance team, operating from multiple locations across the globe.”

6. The cloud is far more user-friendly

Finally, the cloud applications are among the most user-friendly applications on the planet. They benefit from a huge user base, allowing developers and designers to finetune every aspect of these tools for efficiency and ease-of-use.

Corporate staff and restaurant employees alike will love working with cloud apps.

Final thoughts

If you’re interested in learning more about how your franchised restaurant chain could benefit from cloud solutions, we invite you to give us a call. The experts at RedNight Consulting have worked with other franchised restaurant chains to implement cloud solutions. We know the unique challenges of your industry and we’re ready to help.

The cloud is the future of computing, pure and simple. If you haven’t migrated to the cloud yet, perhaps it’s time. Feel free to reach out if we can help.