4 Basic Computer Tips You Should Always Remember

Computer tips to keep your business running smoothly.

You’re very likely interacting with computers daily to run your business. It’s important to know how to maximize your computer’s performance so you can keep work running smoothly.

Perhaps you’ve already been experiencing a slow computer. Maybe you need help fixing the problems. You could enhance its lifespan and avoid costly repairs by simply remembering a few tips.

The following are four basic computer tips everyone with a computer should know how to do to improve computer speed and performance.

1. Regular Disk Cleanups

Why are disk cleanups necessary?

Because a lot of files that your computer has accumulated may be unnecessary. They take up space and make your computer run much slower. It’s OK to remove the ones you don’t need. That way, you won’t have extra junk clogging your hard drives. There will be room for more useful apps and programs or files that you actually need to use.

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After a disk cleanup, you can easily store relevant data and boost system performance. Think of it as giving your computer room to breathe. You’ll enjoy faster processing functions and fewer crashes.

To run a disk cleanup on Windows:

  • Open up the start menu
  • Type “disk cleanup”
  • Run the “disk cleanup program”
  • Select every box
  • Enjoy fewer junk files

2. Fan Replacement

A computer fan is essential because it helps cool the computer to keep it running smoothly. After all, overheating is extremely dangerous for sensitive electronic components.

But after some time, even your hard-working fans need replacing.

If you notice an annoying buzzing noise, it may be due to an old fan. Replacing it will eliminate the noise while helping your computer to not overheat and break.

To replace your fans, simply listen for the culprit. They’re typically held in by a few screws. You can find replacement fans at most electronic retail outlets or online.

3. Create Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing how to perform basic keyboard shortcuts can help you become more productive. By saving time and being more organized, you get your work done more efficiently than ever before.

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Here’s how to create easy keyboard shortcuts that you can access right from your Windows desktop.

  • Open your computer’s Start Menu
  • Find the icon of the app you want. Optionally, search the app by scrolling through the alphabetical list of programs.
  • Right-click to select the “Open file” location.
  • Right-click again on the shortcut icon
  • Select Properties
  • Enter a key combination where it indicates a “Shortcut Key”
  • Hit OK.
  • Don’t forget that combination!

4. Get an Antivirus Program

It’s essential to be completely protected from computer viruses. Not only can they mess up and lose your data and files, but cybercriminals use viruses to steal your critical information.

This could be anything from credit card identity theft to accessing important personal information (such as credit card numbers, Social Security, or anything else you have stored). Once in, the cyber thieves will be able to make financial transactions and conduct online activities on your behalf.

A strong antivirus protection system will keep hackers at bay, and your computer safely guarded. It protects the CPU, your computer’s internal brain. It keeps the system and all data secure and helps you sleep at night knowing you are digitally safe.

There is a wide range of antivirus software available. Some have initial free versions, and others protect you at a very reasonable cost. It helps to research your options and know exactly what you want or need.

Digital Assistance to Boost Your Business

Saving a few dollars here and there on computer issues is greatly beneficial for your business. You won’t need to rack up IT support bills through technician hours if you can simply solve the problem by yourself.

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However, if you’re managing an environment with many computers, things can get tricky. You’ll want the help of a managed service provider that can proactively keep these issues from happening in the first place.