The Problem with Break-Fix IT

Managed services to help businesses grow.

The break-fix model has certainly received its fair share of critique in the realm of IT support. As many of us already know, waiting until something is totally broken can waste time we just don’t have. The key to productivity is in proactivity.

On the flip side, managed services provide you with 24-hour monitoring and support. In short, you don’t have to wait until your system is totally out of commission. Using managed IT services allows for professional intervention before they’re needed most.

The following is a closer look at the various disadvantages of sticking with break-fix IT.

Hourly Rates

Although managed services are covered under one fee, break-fix IT is typically based on hourly rates. While this may seem to save some money at first, long-term savings is limited by how much they charge for their hourly rate. It’s also dependent on how complex your systems are, as well as how many times you call them to “fix” the system issues.

Ultimately, the break-fix model doesn’t create any incentive to resolve issues in a timely or efficient manner.

Repeat Offenses

With the break-fix model, businesses will often continue to experience the same issues. Without finding the root cause of the problems, there’s can be no stop to the causes.

Take a malfunctioning email server as an example. It might take the break-fix IT team a few visits before they uncover that the true culprit is an underpowered server that’s struggling with traffic load. Even after they discover the issue, it’s more beneficial (and profitable) for them to keep exploiting the errors.

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Outdated Systems

The likeliness to end up with a seriously outdated system is higher when dealing with the break-fix method. While managed services will constantly be assessing the overall functionality of the system as a whole, using the break-fix method means there has to be at least a sign of a problem before it’s given the proper attention.

Therefore, minor issues caused by outdated equipment typically take a back seat. Piecemeal solutions to separate problems may cause a domino effect of additional problems in the network.

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Not Broken, Not Fixed

Rather than consistently uncovering issues and fixing them before they arise, the break-fix system relies on visible problems to appear before you can call the technician for assistance.

When small issues pile up and go unnoticed for long, you can quickly end up with bigger, more complicated issues that threaten to slow down productivity or stop the entire team from working.

Waiting for Service

There’s no telling when the break-fix service tech will actually show up. Depending on demand and availability, it could take hours, days, or even weeks before the break-fix team services your ailing systems.

This is obviously not ideal for people who are dependent upon these critical tools and applications to run the business. If the problem affects the entire network, the delay could affect customer service, revenue, and even product delivery.

However, with the modern managed services model changing the way IT service is delivered, suffering all of these issues are becoming a thing of the past.

Managed Services

The break-fix approach has proven inadequate for maintaining a productive IT system. Managed services have emerged to offer assistance and guidance based on the needs and priorities of the business.

You don’t have to wait hours, days, or weeks to have your systems fixed. Managed services will already be working on the problem before you even realize there’s an issue. Instead of paying steep hourly rates, and repeatedly paying to fix the same problem, managed services offer customized IT packages and strategies for a broad range of industries, scenarios and business types. Rather than expecting one IT guy to know everything, managed services offer you a team of experts. They come to the table with specialized knowledge and solutions suited to your specific needs.


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