9 Reasons Why You Need Managed IT Services Now

Managed IT services outsourced for your day-to-day.

Bigger, stronger, faster: These are operational factors that businesses look for when considering their growth in the marketplace. For many, technology holds the key to achieving these goals. But how exactly does a business use technology to get there? The answer lies in managed IT services.

Managed IT services is outsourced IT. For a flat, monthly rate, you have an IT team behind your day-to-day technology, helping you strategically think about IT in terms of business outcomes, and, as the case may be, work with internal IT teams for greater efficiency.

Here we lay out 9 valuable reasons why you need managed IT services now.

Cloud Computing

Migrating to the cloud is a complicated venture, and without expertise behind the move, you could be headed for trouble. You need a team that helps you plan and complete a migration that makes sense for your business goals and causes the least disruption for your team.

Network Security

As it stands, 43% of cyber attacks target small business. This is an incredible statistic. Many big businesses have full-time cybersecurity people on hand and still get hacked. The reason is that the slightest error or oversight can open up huge vulnerabilities, and there are a lot of opportunities for error in any network. The takeaway is to use a team that has expertise in cybersecurity to mitigate your risk.

Data Backup

The key to reliable backups is to schedule and test. In fact, even if you regularly backup, if you don’t test your backups, you should assume you don’t have them. A quality managed IT services team can help you set up frequent, redundant backups with as little downtime for recovery as possible.

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Business Continuity

Ensuring that your business survives after a disaster requires careful planning. Because any number of scenarios could cause downtime, you need contingencies to help you recover from interruptions, resume operations quickly and get back to your business. Build a business continuity plan that covers as many potential causes of downtime with the appropriate solutions.

IT Consulting

Many business owners are stuck asking themselves, “What can my business do with the technology we have?” Proper IT consulting helps you flip that challenge. What are your business goals, and how can technology get you there as efficiently and as cheaply as possible? This is the new way to think about IT.

IT Budgeting

With managed IT services, surprise IT costs are a thing of the past. No more unexpected invoices, as outsourced IT lets you plan three to five years ahead, and adjust as your needs change along the way. Your IT budget becomes predictable with outsourced IT. Likewise, the expense is operational, giving you an incredible tax benefit.

Server Management

When you’ve got on-premise servers, management and maintenance can be cumbersome chores, even with in-house IT teams. Outsource to get the most hardware bang for your technology buck.

Virtual Desktops

Are you looking to scale your business? From a technological standpoint, virtualizing some or all of your infrastructure, software and desktops can give you tremendous flexibility. Adding new employees is as simple as creating a new login.

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Looking to explore remote working opportunities? You need access to your data that is flexible but that has all the cybersecurity you get from your local office environment. Enjoy greater productivity and peace of mind with mobility guidance and support from a managed IT services provider.

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