Amazon Web Services Offers Big Savings to Businesses

Amazon Web Services

In the beginning, Amazon brought you books. Next, Amazon brought you music and movies. And then, Amazon brought you clothes, gadgets, and wine. What you might not have known is that Amazon has been working on providing infrastructure for your business network  for over a decade.

Just like it’s cheaper to grab your favorite bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon on Amazon Prime than it is to run your own vineyard, it’s a whole lot cheaper to choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) than to cobble together your own IT infrastructure.


With AWS, you can utilize CloudWatch to collect and track metrics, monitor log files, set alerts, and automatically respond to changes in your AWS resources. You can scale up/down your network within the cloud, enabling you to set up new employees with all of the necessary elements of their jobs without dealing with complicated licensing or software installation.

When you are able to easily scale, this translates to quicker employee onboarding and minimized payroll hours.Companies as large as Nokia have reported huge savings by utilizing AWS scalability. “By moving to AWS, Nokia has been able to run queries twice as fast as with its previous solution, and use business intelligence tools to mine and analyze big data at a 50% costs savings.”

By utilizing AWS in your business, you will be able to monitor metrics and save money by reducing unnecessary expenditures.


Cybercrime damage costs are estimated to [will] hit $6 trillion annually by 2021, and businesses are investing more than ever in cybersecurity safeguards. For an in-house server, that means setting up various levels of cybersecurity through firewalls, antivirus and network/systems monitoring.

You can eliminate a good portion of your expenses on these on-premise solutions by migrating  your infrastructure to AWS where state-of-the-art security is included. This is why the US Government has entrusted Amazon Web Services to maintain servers for the CIA and other agencies.


Amazon has a proven track record in the “as a Service” IT field and continues to innovate and successfully deliver on the many capabilities of the cloud.

For example, Amazon relies on this experience on its own applications.”Throughout Prime Day, Amazon DynamoDB requests from Alexa, the sites, and the Amazon fulfillment centers reached 3.4 trillion, peaking at 12.9 million requests per second”. That’s a phenomenal amount of data and processing.

Whatever your business — even if you operate in a niche market — AWS can setup a custom infrastructure specific to your business needs. It’s often very expensive to set up an infrastructure for a business, but AWS is able to do so in a cost-effective way with transparency and accountability.

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