The Cloud is the New Standard

cloud computing

Cloud computing has become more than just some IT platform or new technology that helps companies keep their costs down in some form or fashion. Cloud computing has reshaped our entire economy, the way companies do business, the way people work, and more than anything – how we communicate and share data every single day.

A Natural Upgrade

The cloud is easy enough to understand and use today. Whether you utilize a public, private or hybrid cloud solution doesn’t really matter anymore. Well, it matters in the sense that each serves its own specific purpose for the type of data you are dealing with. But the general idea behind using a cloud platform doesn’t change.

On top of all that, it has become so much easier to transition business operations to different types of cloud platforms and infrastructure. Various surveys that polled IT professionals and companies of various sizes show they are increasingly moving more and more of their IT infrastructure to the cloud because it provides a necessary increase in scalability and reliability.

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Physical devices onsite fail at an alarming rate. When you have your data and business applications stored in the cloud, across multiple secure facilities you have very little reason to worry about failure of anything. Backups and redundancies are in place that require nothing more than a phone call or push of a button to implement.

Costs Continue to Decrease

Costs continue to play a major factor in the cloud and the wide variety of cloud solutions available becoming the norm in our day to day lives. Because there’s such fierce competition in the cloud marketplace for customers, costs naturally go down because the technology being used is largely the same. Every cloud solutions provider generally has the same cloud applications and capabilities as the next, so that’s one reason why costs remain affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Another reason costs continue to decrease in the cloud computing space is because the technology itself has become so much more efficient, and improvements continue to be made seemingly every two years or so.

Because cloud vendors must compete on price, we have witnessed Google, Amazon, and even Microsoft (the three largest and most capable providers of cloud-based solutions and applications) drop their prices by nearly 30% and more than 40 times over the previous two years.

New Technology Innovations Focused on Cloud Computing

There are countless technology companies focused on innovating the latest in chipsets, computers, mobile devices, and so on that gear those innovations towards being more cloud-friendly. Google, which probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given their history, actually wants hard drives to be designed to store cloud data.

Because of all the innovations, the low costs, and the sheer volume of choices people and businesses alike have in who they get their cloud services through – it’s no longer a matter of whether the cloud is available to you. It’s simply a matter of choice at this point because the cloud is literally everywhere.

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