3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy That Server

virtual desktops

Your server is going to fail. Thanks for reading. See you next time.

Okay, maybe that’s an overly pessimistic approach to this blog, but there’s something behind it. No one wants to be proud of owner of one of that 5% of servers that fail after a single year. Or the 18% that fail after seven years. But it happens. We talk to clients all the time who are facing significant server issues or have servers that have failed entirely.

But before they unload the significant capital to restock their closet, we like to introduce our clients to a new way of technical thinking that is desktop-as-a-service, or virtual desktops. Check out our three reasons why you shouldn’t buy a new server and consider virtualization.


While growth is always exciting, one of the major downsides is the capital expense. Hiring new teams and opening new offices brings significant capital expenses for software and workstation setup. Likewise, the strain on server space can be wildly unpredictable. Growth in a company could mean you’ll need more servers, giving a vast surplus of additional data storage capability. As you ultimately have to guess your future needs, your IT budget can skyrocket.

By virtualizing your desktops, you give yourself infinite scalability. You can add or subtract server resources as needed with just a few clicks. You’re never locked into a finite space, never experience lagging connections, and you don’t have to worry about overpaying for space you don’t need.

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Every day, we read about some new cyber attack that has crippled an organization, or that the private data of millions of people has been released to the dark web. When there’s a ransomware attack every 40 seconds, you have start thinking strategically about how you store your data. The truth is that downtime can cost you thousands of dollars an hour, if not more, so you need to be prepared for an impending attack. So how do you maximize your cybersecurity without compromising productivity?

With virtual desktops, you get enterprise-level cybersecurity no matter the size of your company. By moving your desktop to the cloud, you are able to better meet regulatory compliance requirements and security best practices with some of the most complex encoding in the market. You also centralize your data for better, more secure accessibility both internally and remotely.


By improving your infrastructure and operational costs, you are finally able to make your IT work for you. Virtual desktops give you elevated collaboration techniques that allow you to change how your team works together. With enhanced user experiences, virtualization gives your team the opportunity to create more strategic projects that affect company outcomes over the long term.

Likewise, with virtual desktops, you’ve untethered employees from the traditional workspace. This means that your team can work anywhere, anytime, without losing the productivity and collaboration you’ve spent so long cultivating.

At RedNight Consulting, we’re experts at migrating your desktop to Amazon WorkSpaces. To find out what virtual desktops can do for your business, call us today.