5 Critical Steps for a VDI Migration

A VDI migration doesn’t have to be full of question marks. Take a look at this 5-step process that will ensure a VDI migration success for your business.
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What Does VDI Really Cost?

If you’re thinking about acquiring a VDI system for your company, you may be asking what kind of costs you need to look out for.
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5 Important VDI Stats That You Should Know

Today, even the most fundamental elements of IT infrastructure are being reconsidered, and VDI is transforming the basic assumptions of IT strategy.

Lowering Costs with Virtual Desktops

High CAPEX costs, lack of scalability, unsecured devices, no mobility – virtual desktops address and solve all of these issues.
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Keep IT CAPEX costs down with virtual desktops

Virtualization eliminates the need to acquire or upgrade physical assets, or CAPEX. When you virtualize your desktop and access your applications online, you shift those solutions to operational expenses, or OPEX. This is much more affordable because you only pay for what you need—what you actually use.

The Modern Desktop: A Guide to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The long-term benefits of desktop virtualization are virtually unlimited.
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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy That Server

By virtualizing your desktops, you give yourself infinite scalability.
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Five Great Cost Saving Ideas for Business

With all the expenses that are required of a company, any cost saving idea is worth a try. Here are a few ideas that could make a difference.
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Don’t Want to Buy A Ton of Computers for Your Team? Try Virtual Desktops

Affordability, convenience, and increased productivity are only a few of the benefits that virtual desktops bring to a business. Learn more.