What Does VDI Really Cost?

coin jar representing a VDI budget

One of the biggest problems that organizations face when implementing IT infrastructure is the CAPEX. Initial IT installations (for large infrastructure changes) was once a labor-intensive process.

It was once a necessary evil for any growing company looking to expand its business – but that has since changed. VDI has proven itself to be a much more effective tool. It can be deployed quickly, it uses fewer overall resources, and it provides better results than the tech of yore.

If you’re thinking about acquiring a VDI system for your company, you may be asking what kind of costs you need to look out for.

No problem. Let’s break the costs down.

The Benefit of Low OPEX

OPEX costs are much lower than in the past, partially due to advances in VDI technology. Advances such as hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) only require IT departments to expand their capabilities using straightforward node additions.

In plain English, it means that your team can grow their storage, computing processing, and networking capabilities with plug-and-play additions to their IT infrastructure.

In turn, this allows your busy IT department to spend less time managing software installation and more time building custom tools and ensuring efficient workflows.

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Ultimately, these benefits result in lower operational costs and savings for your company.

How VDI Reduces Costs

Originally, a company’s IT department would include a dedicated staff with a server room, multiple workstations, network administrators, and a large upfront CAPEX investment. The IT department was traditionally seen as the “cost center” of the business model.

By Reducing Capital Expenditures

A VDI system eliminates unnecessary CAPEX that comes in the form of expensive computers and servers that need constant updating and have high operational expenses. Another issue that plagues IT departments is the cost of running and maintaining servers (and the staff that can keep that technology going).

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A single server at the small business level itself can cost somewhere in the thousands. Then, you must add the cost of proprietary software and licensing, maintenance costs and administration costs (which can cost additional thousands).

VDI removes those purchase and setup fees completely. Your potential savings from VDI in installation alone can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

By Reducing Operational Expenses

It used to be that operating an IT department required around-the-clock service. Operating costs would soar every time there was a problem. For example, a downed server was totally devastating to any business. The average cost of enterprise server downtime in 2017 was between $300,000 and $400,000.

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But that’s just downtime costs. That doesn’t take into account the constant updates required to protect your IT infrastructure from malware, anti-virus subscriptions, electricity costs, and multiple backup server solutions. All of those costs?

OPEX. Big ones.

Despite all this, you may assume that a bigger CAPEX is the more worthwhile investment for your company, but these days that’s not the case. Just in 2011, natural disasters in New Zealand destroyed many data centers that businesses relied on. Companies are constantly on the move to annually update their technology.

Those days are long gone with VDI.

Why turn to VDI?

With a virtual desktop infrastructure, you can eliminate unnecessary hardware, server costs, and worries about lengthy infrastructure recovery times. VDI allows you to run any and all necessary modules on your native hardware while connected to the cloud. This means that you no longer have fluctuating costs or potential asset loss. Your expenses become streamlined, predictable and reliable to boot.

If you are looking to invest in a VDI environment to reduce your costs and upgrade your infrastructure, contact us today. We’ll set you up with a reliable solution that will make a huge difference in the way you do business.