4 Signs You’re Ready For Virtual Desktops

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Companies big and small are taking their data security more seriously as data breaches continuously make headlines.

In the face of these issues, developing better security involves more hardware and software upgrades that equal more costs to your business. Without a doubt, many CEOs and entrepreneurs see IT departments as necessary costs at best and expensive cost centers at worst.

But does it really have to be this way?

Enter the Virtual Desktop. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a product that has been in the market for some time but has recently gained popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and improved data security.

While saving money is certainly a major factor persuading companies to make the switch, there are a host of other benefits as well.

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1. Improved Data Security

One of the biggest advantages to switching to VDI is the ability to make adjustments and improvements via cloud controls. This centralized system allows IT departments to make changes to existing security systems much faster. In turn, the get ahead of security breaches and minimize damage if it does occur.

VDI cloud controls also save time and money – instead of sending IT professionals to individual computers and networks to install and check security measures, you can install patches and perform routine checks remotely.

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In short, it saves time and personnel resources from doing these routine tasks by default. It reduces the operating cost of your IT department, making it wholly more efficient.

2. Reduced Capital Costs

Nearly all businesses run on some sort of computer network. Whether it’s a single office with a few computers or a large corporate entity that uses hundreds of private and public networks, there is more than likely a huge amount of money spent on computers and related tech peripherals.

It’s an incredible burden on any company especially when it comes to maintenance. One TechRepublic article discusses how annual double-digit increases in IT contracts are common.

With a Virtual Desktop system, you can dramatically reduce your costs as you reduce the number of individual desktops and networks. Software problems disappear with fewer independent computers and problems can be fixed from a centralized server.

3. More Customization

Various departments in any company will use different resources and as such will need different security and administration measures. For example, a computer that handles financial data and is connected to the internet would need a much higher level of security and clearance than a computer system setup for mostly intranet and office use.

Using a centralized, cloud-based VDI system would streamline your company’s ability to add or remove certain updates, security measures and protocols.

This means you don’t have to spend as much time adding or removing desktops to any departments. All files are secured in a central location and nothing needs to be backed up redundantly.

4. Improved Employee Productivity

It’s standard practice to assign projects to teams of employees to get the job done.

To accomplish this, people turn to productivity apps that allow them to share and pass along information. VDI based systems accommodate this trend towards co-working and team-centered approach to problems solving.

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Since virtual desktops work with a centralized server, all information that a team member uploads is accessible by any other. This cuts out time spent compressing and transferring files between apps or email. What else? Virtual desktops cut out the need to use the internet to send files between team members who may work remotely in other areas making your company safer and more secure.

VDI for Your Business

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