Improvements with Cloud-Based Technology


Buying a new server is a little like buying a car: For most of us, it’s a lot of guesswork. When you’re running your own business, guesswork typically doesn’t get the best results.

At RedNight Consulting, we talk to folks every day who are in the market for a new server. Their existing server is either too old, too small or too glitchy, and they’re looking for something that has more stability and can better meet their company’s demands. But an on-premise server may not be the answer anymore.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider skipping the server-room solution and move your desktop to the cloud.


The workplace is changing. With more companies utilizing mobile workforces and offering BYOD options, mobility has become a high priority. In fact, by 2021, BYOD and mobile enterprise market will be worth $73 billion. What that means is that businesses who want to compete in the marketplace must have a viable mobility plan.

The problem with on-premise services is that to maintain good cybersecurity standards, you need to set up a VPN system. Getting a direct line for your off-site team members and managing multiple private connections for new and old employees is extremely complicated. While this does offer stability for your network, VPNs are a huge pain in the butt.


You want to grow your business. When you’re scaling upward, you want to know that you have a network solution that supports your continued growth. On-premise servers have finite space. With every new employee, you edge closer to a “disk full” error report.

So, when buying a new server, you generally have to guess how much storage space you need. If you’re expecting multiple new employees this year, you have to anticipate that in your purchase. Guess too little, and you’re back where you started. Guess too much, and you’re paying for space you don’t use.

With a cloud-based server, you have infinite scalability. You only ever pay for what you need, never more. Whether you’re adding staff, or losing it, you know you have the flexibility with the space and resources you need for high-functioning productivity.


Anyone who’s ever bought a server knows, they are expensive. This huge capital expense can be a big burden on small companies who are trying to keep a good handle on their IT budgets. When you don’t have the expertise to match your current needs with your ongoing growth efforts, you can easily find yourself overpaying for technology you don’t need.

With cloud solutions, you switch from CAPEX to OPEX, giving you simple, flatlined monthly payments for a service, without being locked down on hardware. Cloud-based servers give you the chance to get the space and resources you need without hitting you so hard in the wallet.

RedNight and Amazon Web Services

At RedNight, we are strong proponents of Amazon Web Services for servers. This means we help businesses like yours migrate to AWS as smoothly as possible, giving you some of the best cloud-based storage with enterprise-level cybersecurity.

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