7 Reasons to Stop Buying, Owning and Running IT

The author Douglas Adams once said, “Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet.” Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of businesses feel about their own tech. It’s a tool, but it’s hindering, like a necessary evil. This hits home particularly hard for the average SMB because size has prevented a heavy investment in technology improvements and innovative thinking when it comes to utilizing technology to its full potential. Network management becomes a huge task.

Part of the problem is that thinking strategically about your technology is hard. If you aren’t adept at the latest innovations, you can be left behind, still paying off old tech that never worked in the first place.

That’s why we at RedNight Consulting want to make a case for network management. By outsourcing your IT department, you open a new world of possibilities. Here are seven reasons why you should stop buying, owning and running your own IT.

Cloud Computing

There’s no denying the power of the cloud. More and more businesses are not only utilizing the cloud but also using the cloud exclusively. This is particularly prevalent in the world of Amazon Web Services. The cloud computing capabilities of a virtual desktop give you untold benefits that an on-premise server could never deliver.

Cloud computing not only gives better services, better pricing, better access than on-site tech, it also gives SMBs a way to compete with larger companies. This is because the technology behind the services is enterprise-level, and provided to the SMB.


Backup and data recovery is a hot topic around the IT community. The reason is that lacking a good BDR plan can sink a company. Malware is one of the top three causes of downtime, and the reality is that someone in your company will probably let it in. So, you want pretty fantastic cybersecurity procedures.

By outsourcing your IT for network management, you bring in a team whose business is dependent on the strength of your system. The stronger your network shield, the less work they have to do. This situation is a far cry from your standard IT professional, who gets paid no matter how long he or she stands there.

– Cybersecurity Ventures

Productivity Tools

Productivity is the backbone of most businesses. But to get the right tools in place requires an enormous amount of knowledge, planning and experience. Plus, you need to know your market and understand how your investment will pay off.

Without an experienced network manager, you could be inadvertently causing gaps in your productivity that solid technical analysis could help you to streamline.


The workplace is changing. With growing demand for remote working opportunities, many businesses want to implement a mobile workforce strategy but are discouraged by what they believe could be a potential loss of productivity, collaboration and security.

There are methods that give you everything your business needs to embrace a mobile workforce. A good managed services provider helps you plan for off-site work while giving you the tools you need to reach your business goals.

– Insight


Bad technology can drag down growth. When the technology doesn’t push your growth, your technology is failing you. Part of what outsourced IT does is help you learn to work with your technology, not against it. Processes are automated and your infrastructure then grows with you. Planning your IT three to five years in advance gives you huge advantages whether growth comes fast or slow.

If your technology and solutions can’t quickly accommodate your changing needs for resources, employees and customer support, then your technology is static and costly. The key to scaling efficiently and effectively is in ensuring on-demand technical capabilities that can fluctuate with your business needs.


Technology isn’t just a tool. Your technology should allow you to innovate your services to develop competitive advantages that drive you to your business goals. With IT network management, you gain a partner who can provide expert recommendations on your technology that will help you succeed. You should never be chasing your technology, or bending your goals to the capabilities of your IT. Let your IT drive your innovation.


With outsourced IT, you flatline your IT budget. No more surprise invoices and unexpected costs. With SMBs, capital expenses can set you back, particularly when debt is involved. The managed IT model switches your IT to the OPEX model, giving you much more flexibility in your IT budget.

At RedNight Consulting, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best managed services in the industry. Call us today to find out how your business can benefit.