5 Tips For Training Your Team On Cyber Security

It’s no secret that cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. The recent surge in sophisticated technology that can harm your business has put cybersecurity on every business owner’s radar. In the age of the digital revolution, training your team on cybersecurity is imperative.

The Ponemon 2021 Cost of Phishing Study reported that the cost of phishing has more than tripled since 2015. On average, phishing attacks can cost large organizations almost $14.8 million a year or over $15,000 per employee.

Training your team on cybersecurity will establish a vital line of defense against dangerous cyberattacks. 

5 Tips for Training Your Team on Cybersecurity.

1. Relate Training To Your Business’s Niche

Make security awareness training customized to your business by  identifying specific threats and having an adequate action plan in place to combat issues. A lot of businesses cite physical security errors, phishing attacks, and poor computer habits as the biggest threats to their online security.

2. Build Awareness

Build awareness by keeping you and your employees up to date  with increased training and examples of cybersecurity attacks and the consequences. The more your team knows about how common scams work, the more likely they’ll be to recognize and report an incident. As you train and engage employees in discussions and activities around cybersecurity, the better prepared they’ll be to defend your organization.

3. Make Your Training Engaging

Team trainings can be notoriously time-consuming, boring, and lethargic. If your IT security training isn’t interesting, you’ll have wasted valuable time and resources and employees won’t have the necessary tools to combat cyber threats.

Avoid long lectures or slow videos that go over cybersecurity basics. Instead, go over real-world scenarios and walk your team through new cybersecurity best practices.

4. Simplicity Is Key

Security training needs to be simple and collated into easily digestible chunks of information. Don’t overwhelm your team with vast amounts of information that they’ll have a hard time remembering.

Break the training down into segments or modules that can be completed over a reasonable period of time. Take a routine approach and schedule concise trainings regularly until you’ve covered all the material, and then start again. This will ensure up-to-date, frequent training that is both simple and memorable.

5. Try ‘Live Fire’ Training Exercises

In this real-world approach, cybersecurity teams simulate attacks on individual team members and measure the outcomes. These will most likely come in the form of phishing or piracy attacks and are a great way to identify who needs more training, what topics you need to cover in your training, and how your team improves over time.

Train Your Team on Cybersecurity

Studies done on companies that implement cybersecurity training proves their effectiveness. Benefits can include less malware and viruses, less vulnerability to phishing attacks, a decrease in support requests, and an increase in user-reported incidents.

Cybersecurity training are essential components for any business to truly thrive without neglecting cybersecurity efforts. Having adequate training that is engaging, informative, and concise is the best way to protect your enterprise from future cyber threats.

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