AWS: A Leader in Cloud Solutions

Amazon’s most profitable business isn’t its bookstore or Prime streaming service. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a comprehensive cloud platform that helps businesses like yours scale at incredible speed, accounted for 63% (around $13.5 billion) of Amazon’s operating profit for 2020. That’s more than the GDP of a small European nation.

So why are businesses going crazy for AWS cloud services?

The answer lies in its technology. AWS runs web and app servers in the cloud, providing endless database storage, military-secure data centers, and unlimited server capacity. Businesses also love its pricing model. It’s free to join AWS, and then you only pay for the resources you require. It’s no wonder, then, that Gartner recently named AWS a “leader” in cloud infrastructure and platform services for the 11th consecutive year.

AWS Explained

AWS is an all-encompassing cloud services platform that provides computing power, content delivery, database storage, and other tools and technologies for better business growth. You can run web and app servers in the cloud, which frees up resources and cranks your security credentials up to 11. With over 200 full-featured solutions from data centers worldwide, AWS remains the most popular cloud services provider on the planet. It has more than 1 million active enterprise customers. 

Benefits of AWS for Your Business

There are too many benefits to fit into a single list, but here are some of the most popular reasons business choose AWS’ cloud solutions:

Unlimited Server Capacity

AWS comes with unlimited server capacity so you can collect, process, and share data at an unimaginable scale. You’ll never have storage issues again.


AWS adopts an end-to-end security approach that protects its infrastructure across the cloud, providing much-needed peace of mind in a world where data breaches are increasingly commonplace. With these cloud solutions, you can store your most sensitive data in a secure environment operated by one of the world’s biggest companies.

Enormous Range of Services

AWS is so much more than just a cloud platform. It boasts over 70 unique services that run the gamut from software to analytics to networking. Perhaps the best thing about AWS is that it’s an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, so you only pay for the services you need and not for ones you’ll never use. It’s the customizable cloud platform that scales as your business does. 

Why You Need an AWS Consultant

AWS can be a complicated beast at times, with an incredible range of cloud services, features, and tools that might overwhelm you at first. That’s why it’s always a good call to work with an AWS consulting partner that:

  • Improves performance
  • Reduces cloud costs
  • Migrates your data and apps to the system
  • Minimizes any potential downtime during that migration
  • Creates the perfect-sized build for your business

With unparalleled support from RedNight Consulting, you get more value from your AWS investment, with sensational solutions for security, scalability, and strategic growth. These AWS experts custom-build cloud solutions based on your unique business budget so you can optimize power, performance, and productivity across your organization. Learn more here.

Before You Go

RedNight Consulting partners with AWS because they are  the undisputed leader in cloud technology, providing businesses like yours with enhanced security, loads of database storage, unlimited server capacity, and a popular pay-as-you pricing model.

To maximize your cloud experience, work with RedNight Consulting to help you migrate to the system, improve performance, reduce downtime, and cut costs.