5 Things You Must Do to Secure Your Mobile Work Devices

You can work from anywhere with modern-day technology and mobile work devices. Computers, cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices have made your work more portable than ever. With mobility comes vulnerability, though, and there are measures you need to take to secure your mobile work devices. 

According to a recent study on mobile workforce productivity, mobile applications can increase employees’ productivity in file share/data access by 78 percent, CRM/customer information by 70 percent, workflow management by 62 percent, instant messaging by 56 percent, and email by a whopping 94 percent.

The use of mobile devices in modern workplaces comes with an increased risk of cyber-attacks and other data-compromising threats. Without proper protections, mobile devices can introduce malware and viruses into your organization. Here are four key things you should do to minimize the exposure of your mobile work devices to digital threats.

Use Strong Passwords

Avoid using passwords on your mobile devices that the average person can guess. These may include your middle name, year of birth, or even government-issued ID numbers. Instead, use a combination of numbers and alphanumeric characters that would be impossible for a stranger to guess.

More importantly, avoid storing your passwords on your browser. Saving these under the “Remember My Password” feature makes your devices easily susceptible to unforeseen attacks. Malicious people can easily find your credit card information and other personal details and cause you major damage.

Protect Devices When Accessing Public Internet

We all love free internet. However, a free or cheap internet connection can prove expensive in the wrong hands. Note that most public networks come without encryption, opening the door to let others eavesdrop on your communications. 

When using a public internet connection, use applications that will warn you of unencrypted connections. Moreover, turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using them. These connections consume your devices’ battery even when running idle in the background in addition to leaving your device susceptible to attack.

Install Strong Anti-Virus Software

There is no denying that your mobile devices collect a lot of data from downloaded apps, videos, and website content. Once you launch these, hidden vulnerabilities may strike when you least expect it. You can end up with corrupted files, erased data, or a malicious presence tracking your usage. For this reason, you should install reliable anti-virus software on your mobile work devices. These tools will delete browsing cookies and clear histories that hackers could use to their advantage.

Utilize Virtual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to connect to a network securely. Using a VPN client is mandatory, especially when you are not sure about a Wi-Fi network’s security status. Any browsing activity you do on public Wi-Fi will be protected from prying eyes. Moreover, a VPN is essential when accessing less secure websites. You can buy a VPN online through a monthly subscription. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a reliable VPN, you can consider mobile device management services for the overall security of your mobile work devices.

Employ Mobile Device Management

Many managed service providers offer mobile device management solutions to help businesses protect their data regardless of where it’s kept or accessed. This is particularly helpful to organizations that have a bring-your-own-device policy or a remote workforce.

Mobile device management can include round-the-clock monitoring and threat reporting, data wiping, and cloud-controlled dashboards to keep all your company’s devices safe and connected. While it is not easy to eliminate all risks, mobile device management services can help guarantee the safety of your mobile work devices and give you unparalleled peace of mind.
Although securing your mobile work devices is not an easy task, it should be your priority. Contact RedNight Consulting today to get started!