How to Choose the Right IT Provider

The rise of increasingly complex, integrated technologies has become a defining feature of our modern times. As companies continue to navigate the challenges of today’s digital world, having a dedicated IT provider is essential.

However, it can be challenging to pick the right IT provider from the large number of options available. To make the task easier, take a few moments to review some important traits you’ll find in a reputable MSP.

Experience and Qualifications

Seek IT providers that have years of collective experience working directly with clients like yourself. Ideally, your MSP will have an impressive track record of supporting businesses within your particular industry.

When narrowing down your search, create a shortlist of candidates who possess certifications most relevant to your needs. Your managed service provider should be flexible enough to take on many responsibilities ranging from network troubleshooting to data encryption.

Find professionals that have years of experience delivering IT services and continually work to improve on their craft. Managed IT service providers with more training and education are better equipped to handle a broader spectrum of issues. An ability to take on more challenges will also save you money as fewer tasks are outsourced to other IT teams.

Outstanding IT Security 

The tools and techniques hackers use are evolving every day. It’s become more critical than ever for businesses to protect their sensitive data and systems with the support of comprehensive IT services. Since June of 2020, dozens of hacks and ransomware attacks have wreaked havoc on government entities and private companies around the globe.

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in May of 2021 was a rude awakening for many U.S. companies, exposing the potential consequences of inadequate cybersecurity. Some weeks later, another ransomware attack crippled JBS Foods, one of the world’s leading meat producers.

Cybercriminals are continually learning novel ways to breach firewalls and security measures, so look for an IT service provider that is skilled enough to remain a step ahead of any cyber-attack. Your IT team should have the knowledge and resources needed to keep your systems safe from intrusion.

Excellent Communication Skills

The most successful IT service providers keep their clients informed on any developments that could negatively affect their business. A lack of communication with your MSP can hurt your bottom line. For instance, discovering too late that a software upgrade has been scheduled during an important meeting can cause costly disruptions and downtime. Your IT service provider should keep you constantly updated at all times, ensuring there are never any surprises.

Available Around the Clock to Respond

When a problem arises, you need to know your business is covered day or night. An established MSP understands that time is money and will work quickly to resolve any issue you encounter.

Work with an IT service provider that offers 24-hour support and cloud-based solutions for those instances when immediate, virtual assistance is necessary. When severe weather or another unforeseen event occurs, your MSP should provide comprehensive disaster recovery services and business continuity solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

If you’re currently looking for an MSP, keep these tips in mind during your search. Remember, not all IT service providers offer the same scope and scale of services, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. The right candidate will accommodate the unique needs of your company and work hard to exceed expectations.
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