4 Ways Managed Services Will Benefit Your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing is constantly evolving to meet challenges that the modern world throws at it: poor user experience, cybersecurity threats. inefficiency, and more. Many of these issues can be solved by a stellar managed service provider (MSP) who implements IT solutions designed specifically for your industry.

Continue reading to learn how managed IT can help your manufacturing business thrive despite the tech challenges you might be facing.

Improved Productivity

Every moment that is wasted at your organization is another moment that your competition is allowed to catch up or get ahead. Manufacturing runs on efficiency, and the best way to ensure constant efficiency is to partner with an MSP. 

Your MSP will work to reduce downtime by taking a custom, proactive approach to head off IT disasters before they impact operations. Constant monitoring and quick responses from the team guarantee that any issues are fixed right away. Minimizing downtime will result in an uptick in productivity and profits at your business.

Reduced Cyber Threats

Cyber security is a hot topic these days, with headlines like the recent hack of the Colonial Pipeline and other high-profile cyber attacks popping up all over the place. Many companies are coming to realize that even in the manufacturing industry there are serious vulnerabilities that call for around-the-clock protection from managed IT services.

Network and cyber security are not areas to skimp on, but with an MSP you don’t have to worry about your budget. For a flat rate, you’ll have a dedicated team placing security measures and monitoring for weaknesses and suspicious activity.

Easy Technology Implementation

It is easy to decide to bring in new technology, but it is a lot more difficult to bring your people along for the ride. Your team is likely used to doing things a certain way and might resist changes that affect their long-established habits.

Managed IT services make implementing new technology a seamless experience. They will help educate you and your coworkers on how the new technology works, how it will improve your day-to-day work life, and field any questions or concerns. This will take that stress off of you, and it will keep your team focused on long-term goals instead of short-term troubleshooting.

Predictable Expenses

When you keep your IT in-house, it can be difficult to stick to a budget. On top of the IT solutions your business needs, you’ll need to pay salaries, benefits, and other expenses for each member of your in-house team.

With an MSP, you’ll work together to determine what your business needs and settle on a flat monthly cost. You’ll pay the same fee regardless of how many times you call for troubleshooting help or how many threats your network faces during the month! Your expenses can’t get more predictable than that.
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