Cloud Through the Eyes of the CFO: When IT and Finance Come Together

employees discussing cloud computing solutions

Moving your business to cloud computing solutions can offer benefits that include improved flexibility and better collaboration for companies of any size. These benefits seem appealing to different departments but when it comes to the CFO, their focus is on the financial implications.   

From a financial point of view, transitioning to the cloud can also provide a number of advantages that have the potential to significantly increase a company’s bottom line. Find out how your business can benefit financially from cloud computing solutions.

Businesses Thrive With the Cloud

By taking advantage of the cloud, companies can reduce their spending while increasing profits. Many companies are paying for more computing power than they need. In cases like these, switching to the cloud can reduce costs by 31%. For this reason, companies looking to reduce their IT budget can turn to the cloud—a CFO’s dream solution. 

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

There are several reasons why businesses are moving towards cloud computing solutions. Here are just a few ways your company could cut costs and benefit financially from making the switch to a trusted IT partner.

Increased Security and Risk Management

Security can be a huge concern for CFOs—and for good reason. But when you partner with an IT professional, the cloud offers security, risk management, and compliance capabilities that are unrivaled by on-premise systems. A cloud provider offers high levels of security that will assess and manage risk to protect your data.

Collaboration Efficiency

The cloud makes it much easier for teams to collaborate on documents and tasks. Not only does this improve productivity and employee efficiency, but it also gives your team anytime, anywhere access. Cloud collaboration also alleviates the need to spend resources on in-house systems like desktop software. 

No More Paying for Unnecessary Resources

With cloud computing, your business no longer has to pay for resources you don’t need. Instead, you can tailor your services based on what your company actually needs—which saves you money in the long run. 

Improved Flexibility

The cloud makes businesses more agile, allowing them to scale their IT infrastructure up or down as needed. This flexibility helps companies manage cash flow by only paying for what they need when they need it, helping them cut costs effectively.

Zero Maintenance Costs

When businesses switch to a cloud service like AWS, they no longer have excessive equipment and energy consumption costs that they need to pay for. The cloud provider also takes care of any updates and upgrades automatically, ensuring that businesses always have access to the latest technology without spending additional money. Having your operations in the cloud also reduces the risk of downtime. 

Misconceptions About the Cloud

Despite the financial advantages that cloud computing solutions can bring to a company, many CFOs may still be hesitant to make the switch due to misconceptions about the cloud. These include worries about security, data privacy, and reliability, as well as concerns about the role of IT in a business’s operations.

In reality, when you partner with a trusted cloud service, the cloud can be secure, private, and reliable. Servers are stored offsite in secure warehouses, and files stored on cloud servers are encrypted. Furthermore, IT departments do not become obsolete when a business moves to the cloud; instead, they can take on new roles in the process.

When CFOs are aware of these facts and make an informed decision about their cloud computing solutions, they can move forward confidently with the knowledge that they will benefit financially from making the switch.

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