9 Ways the Cloud can Simplify Your Infrastructure

The cloud is everywhere. You’re likely using the cloud as a solution for at least some of your needs already. In fact, 85 percent of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy.

– RightScale

The question many small businesses ask themselves is, what are the benefits that enterprises see in the cloud? Is it safe? Does it really offer improvements in workflow? Is it worth the cost, the time, the effort?

As experts in the cloud arena, we offer nine ways we believe the cloud can simplify your infrastructure, each of which pays untold dividends in how you do business.

Free Up IT Teams for Strategic Tasks

When you’ve got an IT team in-house, running the day-to-day operations and workflows can shackle them into break-fix mode. Get out of the business of buying, owning and running servers. Public cloud providers are more secure and more reliable, allowing for easier backup solutions than running your own servers.

By moving to the cloud, you offload your servers and liberate your IT team for strategic projects.

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

In the modern workplace, mobility is highly sought after, particularly with Millennials. Right now, 91 percent of organizations have some plan for mobility in the workplace. The desire to work anywhere, anytime is there. The problem is how do you do that while retaining the strength and security of your network and maximizing collaboration?

Public cloud options, like Amazon Web Services, is the solution. These tools keep your team productive and your data safe so you perform business as usual, regardless of geography.

Become More Agile and Competitive

Running your business in the cloud gives you an edge in your space. Your applications run faster, are accessible from anywhere, and you are freed from the maintenance of updating your aging infrastructure.

With cloud technology, you can scale quickly based on your needs, giving you an advantage over your non-cloud competitors.

Recover faster from disaster

One of the biggest benefits of cloud technology is in business continuity. Only two percent of companies say they recovered from their latest incident in under an hour. By having cloud-based software like Office 365, and remote data storage, you get the advantage of seamless transition of space. Log into any computer, and your data is readily available.

With remote storage, you’ve taken the burden of data recovery off your shoulders and put it onto a more experienced provider, whose bottom line depends on your quick recovery.

Reduce Risk

Cloud computing through Amazon Web Services can significantly reduce your risk from both security and compliance standpoints. You get all the security of on-premise data centers without the cost of running the hardware.

You can also scale your security based on your business needs, and achieve your due diligence around compliance regulations with embedded security protocols in the cloud and easy-to-use auditing features.

Eliminate IT CAPEX

Cloud computing moves you out of the buying, storing and managing world of running your own data center or server room. This simplifies your IT budget, allowing you to pay for what you need, when you need it, without hitting you hard with upfront capital expenses. No unexpected costs, no surprise invoices.

Commit Month-to-Month

Eight out of 10 dollars of your IT budget go toward maintaining what you already have and keeping the lights on. With a strong cloud computing solution, you get month-to-month commitments, so you’re never locked into a long contract that stretches your IT budget too thin.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Mistakes and failures always have a price. When you can’t bounce back quickly, you start hemorrhaging money. With cloud computing, you can avoid common mistakes like not planning for mobility during disasters and using precious capital expenses on unneeded software.

Cloud computing gives you the flexibility to discover what you need without getting a hard lesson in your bottom line.

Only Pay for What You Consume

Scalability is essential in business. Whether you’re hiring new staff in the office or broadening your services, you want an IT solution that grows with you at your pace.

Cloud computing gives you this freedom. Afterall, why pay for something you don’t use?

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