5 SaaS Technologies You Should Be Using

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The world’s moving to the cloud. It’s been going that way for years, and if you’re not embracing the move, there’s a good chance your business will get left behind. Gartner predicts that by 2020 cloud deployment of software solutions will be the default option. Knowing this, we feel it’s incumbent upon us to help guide businesses toward cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications. Check out our SaaS cloud computing solutions designed to meet the challenges of a modern business.


Communication is key in any business. But this becomes more difficult when mobility and remote working come into play. According to Forbes, “85 percent of millennials want to telecommute 100 percent of the time, with 54 percent wanting flexible or alternative schedules.” How do you create a team atmosphere when your team is scattered?

Slack has quickly become the go-to communication app for many businesses around the world. With tons of cool features, Slack can keep your team in constant communication, no matter where they are.


There are tons of collaboration tools out there, but one of our favorites is Office 365. This software has the same feel as the traditional version, but you get the extra benefit of cloud technology behind every app in the package. A migration to Office 365 can provide an enormous boost to your collaborative efforts with real-time file share/edit, video conferencing, instant messaging and screen share. It doesn’t hurt that Office users are set to surpass 100 million, which may be more than you’re willing to collaborate with.


Your business goals should drive your technology, which means that your needs should dictate your cloud computing. Those needs should direct you to the ideal productivity software. One simple solution is G Suite for Business. Its simplicity comes from its ease of use. It packs a pretty good punch when you’re looking for the tools to keep your staff productive while working off-site. Seamless transition between devices means that your staff can stay focused and productive even on the go.

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File Sharing

If you haven’t gotten on board with G Suite or Office 365, Dropbox is an ideal candidate for file sharing, particularly with people outside of your office structure. Dropbox is simple to use and is ideal for transfers of documentation or for storage. Plus you get enterprise-level strength and security no matter the size of your company.


Accounting and payroll can often be tricky when moving to cloud-based software. You want very strong security to keep the personal data of your employees and payment data of your clients safe. ADP is one of the most popular choices. This program gives you streamlined, accessible and easy-to-use tools that are cloud-based and highly functional.

Cloud Computing with RedNight

These, of course, are just a few of the popular SaaS resources you can find when looking for cloud computing solutions. We at RedNight have spent years helping clients migrate to the cloud, through simple business apps, like those above, or with larger infrastructure moves, like those who virtualize with Amazon Web Services.

Call us today to find out how cloud computing can help transform your business.

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