Could you benefit from managed IT services? 5 signs to look for

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Businesses everywhere are transitioning from break-fix services to fully managed IT services. They’re moving away from “that one guy they know who fixes computers” to a full-fledged Managed Service Provider (MSP).

This being said, the benefits of partnering with an MSP can go far above and beyond “that one guy”. If you’re wondering if an MSP partner could benefit you, here are some clear-cut signs that point to “yes”.

Sign #1: You don’t have a handle on your IT costs

Technology is expensive.

Not only is technology expensive to get … but it’s expensive to implement and manage as well. From upgrades and updates to day-to-day maintenance, the dollars can certainly add up — and quickly, too. 

However, one of the key benefits of partnering with an MSP is that most everything IT-related comes to you at a flat, monthly rate. Whether you’re in need of an update, patch, or hardware repair, the IT provider takes care of it all.

In other words, there are no miscellaneous repair bills, upcharges, or hidden fees. Everything technology-related comes to you at a flat, monthly rate that you can plan around, helping you create a more balanced budget that you can count on.

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Sign #2: You’re tired of waiting for someone to fix your tech

When you need something fixed, you need it fixed now — not three days from now. But when you’re dealing with a break-fix company, that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

Service three days from now.

However, a capable MSP partner will work a little differently. Instead of waiting days — or even hours — to receive support, you’ll receive a call or message from a qualified technician within the hour. 

On top of this, these are the technicians who actually want to see your business succeed. They want you to regain full operating status as quickly as possible (since they don’t benefit from hourly rates). Because of this, they’ll provide your team with the highest quality of support and long lasting resolutions ten times out of ten

Sign #3: You’re not doing enough for security

Security is a huge deal these days. But without a dedicated IT provider, you’ll be left to protect your own data — which might not be a good thing.

There are so many different threats, so many different angles, and so many different entry points that it can be nearly impossible for a company to successfully protect its own data. This is why it’s more important than ever to leverage the expertise of a third-party security professional. 

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A worthy MSP partner goes beyond simple support to equip you with the security tools, resources, and knowledge your company needs to remain fully protected. And to make matters even better, an MSP will regularly monitor your network to check for vulnerabilities and incoming threats. 

All in all, worthwhile security is a job for an entire team of professionals — it’s not something you can download for free off the internet. 

Sign #4: You’re tired of dealing with multiple vendors

Vendors can be difficult to manage — heck, they can even be difficult to simply keep track of. 

You have vendors of all shapes and sizes, coming at you from every direction, and all with varying procedures and policies. An MSP can help alleviate some of this confusion.

From licenses and renewals to support and maintenance, a quality IT service provider can help your team manage third-party vendors. Instead of many points of contact, you now have one. And a change like this can save you time, money, and resources.

Sign #5: Your IT strategy doesn’t align with your business

When it comes to technology, it can often be difficult to visualize the bigger picture. 

How does everything fit together? Do the different pieces of your infrastructure have the ability to grow alongside your company? Does the technology you use actually promote productivity … or hurt it?

A managed service provider can help you answer all of these questions to bring it all back together. With an MSP partner, your business can benefit from strategic IT consulting and guidance. 

In this situation, nothing will be done haphazardly, and everything will serve a specific purpose. Receive guidance on new solutions, assistance with technology implementations, and support developing roadmaps and business processes.

RedNight can help your business

If you’re nodding along with any of the 5 points – let alone all of them – it’s probably best to get some help from the professionals. Our expertise in providing quality IT services lets us help businesses develop strategies to drive better business. 

If you’d like to learn more about how partnering with an MSP can help, then give us a call or shoot us a message today. We’d love to chat.