What You Get with Cheap Data Backup

data backup

Data backup isn’t something everyone’s excited to talk about. No one thinks her computer will crash? Or the ceiling leaks on his external hard drive. It’s a boring topic, just a hair more exciting than computer cabling. But the level of excitement often jumps when a backup is needed. When a system fails, will you stand confident in your cheap data backup solution?

Data Backup: A Big Question Mark

Is that what comes up when probed about your data backup solution? You’re not alone: 96% of all business workstations are not being backed up. That’s a lot of questionable data backup solutions. That’s every piece of data stored on that computer gone in a puff of smoke.

The frequency of the unknown backup plan should be startling. It’s like jumping without a parachute when your business is on the line. We do not recommend it.

So, then what?

The External Hard Drive Method

For less than $100, you can pick up an external hard drive, plug that baby in, and let your backups sail through the night. You’re home free and you can rest easy at night. Your hard drive is working great.

That is, of course, until it doesn’t. Most external hard drives fail within a couple years, and any little thing could have destroyed the integrity of the drive. A little spilled coffee. A short in the power supply. An accidental drop on the floor.

Well, you tried. That’s what’s important.

Cloud Backup Service

There are many cloud backup services from which to choose. You just pay a monthly fee and let your data backup on a regular schedule.

But many fly-by-night cloud backup providers can shackle you. They limit your size, and therefore, limit your growth opportunities. Likewise, full backup and recovery could be extremely time consuming, costing you days of productivity. And that’s if your service isn’t discontinued before you need it.

The RedNight Method

The thing with backups is that you get out of it what you put into it. And with many small business owners, the time constraints and the learning curve mean that the amount of time dedicated to aligning your technology with your business goals is extremely limited.

That’s where RedNight comes in. Our cloud backup and recovery is different. We help you recover more quickly from disaster because we are not just disaster recovery as a service, not just a single solution. We ensure that your vital infrastructure is protected by the ideal backup system based on your needs and goals. Your backups are tested and tested again for stability. There’s a difference between cheap backups and affordable backups. That’s where RedNight excels.

Call us today to see if your business has the backups you need.