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Amazon became one of the earliest players in cloud computing in the early 21st Century, when Amazon Web Services was introduced as a platform to help Amazon and its affiliates better leverage data in the application development process. For the first few years it was an internal service at Amazon that played a key role in building the eCommerce giant’s sprawling digital infrastructure. When AWS re-launched in 2006 as a public-facing application, it gave Amazon a head start in the cloud infrastructure market that it maintains to this day; according to the most recent reports, AWS holds a staggering 34% market share.

Simply put, Amazon isn’t an online bookstore anymore, and it hasn’t been for quite a while.

IaaS in the Modern Economy

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a major segment of the cloud computing market that allows businesses and individuals to unlock the benefits of professional-grade IT infrastructure as a cloud-based subscription service.

In practice, IaaS empowers developers to work without the shackles of storage and scalability constraints, and eliminates most of the concerns associated with traditional infrastructure. Amazon Web Services maintains its massive market share by offering an unparalleled selection of cloud-based applications covering a wide variety of industries and functions, from analysis to video game development. It serves as the digital skeleton of dozens of major companies, including largely cloud-based enterprises like Netflix.

A plurality of the online economy is dependent on AWS to function properly. It’s an incredible toolbox for businesses, but for all of its applications it may not be the most intuitive service in the world. That’s where we come in.

Amazon Web Services Partner Network

AWS is immensely powerful, but to an untrained decision maker it might feel like trying to pilot a helicopter with no instruction. That’s where the AWS Partner Network can help out. The Partner Network is a collection of certified IT professionals who are licensed to assist AWS customers with implementation of their purchases. RedNight Consulting is an official AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner. It’s our goal to help AWS customers in Southern California get the most bang for their buck.

When your business uses AWS with the help of RedNight, you’ll become accustomed to operating in the cloud, increasing your business’s agility and competitive edge. Your applications will run faster, the barriers that separate you from your colleagues will melt away, and concerns about storage, stability and scalability will be a thing of the past. You’ll never have to buy or maintain a server again.

If your Southern California business is considering using Amazon Web Services for its cloud computing needs, look no further than RedNight for your consulting and implementation needs. We’ll get you up and running and continue to have your back as you leverage the best suite of applications on the market on your way to success.

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