A Guide to Data Protection and Compliance: How AWS Can Help Relieve Your Compliance Burden

team looking at computer discussing aws data protection

Data protection and compliance are two essential considerations for organizations that store customer data. If you’re a business owner, the last thing you want is to be non-compliant—you could face hefty fines, a loss of reputation, or even business closure.

To ensure these industry standards are met, organizations must have a comprehensive security and compliance framework in place. Luckily, AWS data protection provides a range of tools for data protection and IT compliance to help organizations meet these requirements. In this blog, we’ll explore some ways your business can ensure compliance.

Why Data Protection and Compliance Is Essential

Cybercrime is becoming more prevalent and advanced, and it’s up to businesses to protect their data from bad actors. In 2023 alone, 41.9 million private records have already been compromised by cyber breaches. Without proper data protection and compliance measures in place, companies are at risk of exposing their customers’ information.

Fortunately, there are measures organizations can take to ensure the security of their data along with IT compliance.

How Your Business Can Reach Compliance and Protect Its Data

If you’re looking for ways to reach compliance and protect your data, don’t worry—there’s plenty of help available.

1. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is a powerful cloud platform that provides innovative solutions for secure data storage and management. With AWS you can create a virtual private cloud (VPC) to store your sensitive customer information, as well as access control mechanisms to ensure only authorized personnel can view it.

AWS data protection also offers encryption and authentication services, helping to protect your data from malicious actors. AWS is compliant with the top IT compliance standards, which means that you can trust AWS to provide a secure and compliant environment for your data.

2. AWS Shared Responsibility Model

The AWS Shared Responsibility Model is a framework designed to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of organizations in terms of securing their data. Under this model, AWS handles security “of cloud”, while customers are responsible for security “in cloud”.

This means that AWS will take care of all physical network security measures and infrastructure-level security, while the customer is responsible for implementing data protection and compliance measures such as client-side encryption, access control, logging/monitoring, and vulnerability scanning.

3. Third-Party Security and Compliance Solutions

In addition to AWS data protection, there are third-party security and compliance solutions that can help organizations achieve their goals of protecting customer data and maintaining industry standards.

These solutions typically include identity and access management (IAM) software, firewalls, encryption tools, malware protection, and other security services.

Keep Your Business Compliant With RedNight Consulting

With the right tools in place, organizations can ensure their customer data is secure and compliant. From AWS data protection to third-party security and compliance solutions, there are plenty of options available to businesses that want to keep their customer data safe.

At RedNight Consulting, we provide data security and compliance solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our team of experts is experienced in AWS services and can help you create a secure environment for your customer data.

Contact us today to start building an effective security and compliance framework that meets industry regulations and keeps your customer data safe. Let us help you reach IT compliance today!