Innovative ways to use AWS in your business

Cloud computing options are becoming more tempting to a variety of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). By taking their business operations into the cloud, they are freeing up financial resources within their own companies, leveling the playing field between themselves and larger businesses, and opening up their talent pool to include the entire world. They are mitigating potential disasters and improving the security of their information.

So companies are, by and large, making the move to cloud computing and cloud services. But once a company has made the choice to do so, choosing the best cloud provider for their situation can be complex. 

One option that has a huge variety of modules from which to choose is Amazon Web Services or AWS. AWS covers all the basic web service options – security, communications, reliable speed – and much more.

How can blockchain change your business?

If you’ve heard of blockchain, it has probably been in the context of cryptocurrency. While blockchain is the programming power behind different types of digital coins, it is fundamentally a centralized ledger that can’t be changed. AWS’s blockchain abilities have powerful implications for businesses. 

Take HR for example; instead of trying to sort through spreadsheets and databases to see when an employee was hired, when their last review occurred, when they went through a particular training, and when they got a raise. Records can be lost, and sorting out what happened can be frustrating. 

With blockchain technology, you have an immutable, searchable record of everything that has occurred with an employee. You can see any disciplinary action, the details of their contract, and their overall performance statistics. This makes for simpler HR, which improves everyone’s lives.

Blockchain can be used for loyalty programs, customer records, and much more.

Personalized engagement

Customers want more than their name in the email subject line; they want a truly personalized service experience, with personalized product recommendations, personalized shopping experiences, and more. 

In fact, more than 50% of customers are willing to give away their personal data to get that a personalized feel to their shopping. In a busy retail world, using AWS’s powerful tools to offer personalized shopping options can be the key to getting an edge over the competition.

Consider personalized engagement on your website, in email, and in loyalty programs and app experiences.

Build in accessibility

One ongoing struggle for businesses is accessibility. 

They want to make their website and programs more accessible, but they’re not sure how to do it. One module Amazon offers is Polly, a realistic text-to-speech processor that can help make your information more accessible to those who are blind. 

While most OSs at this point offer some kind of accessibility option for screen reading, it can be awkward, mechanical, and miss important elements. With Polly, you can customize how your information is read, offering a more natural experience. Polly can also increase accessibility for workers who are dyslexic, for example; some people have an easier time digesting information when it is both heard and read at the same time. 

If any of your workers or clients are not fluent in English, this can also help them digest information more easily.

AWS offers incredible, powerful business options in the cloud – but the number of options can make the system overwhelming for the SMB owner or CTO to implement. 

RedNight Consulting can help you find the right modules for your business, implement them, move away from legacy systems when necessary, and even bring business crucial legacy systems into the cloud for better integration.