It’s not just data management: The cloud’s financial benefits

Cloud raining dollar signs on grey background

Most of us are aware that cloud computing offers a new level of productivity and efficiency. In fact, barring a few specialized fields, you’re probably using some form of cloud computing right now for your business.

But there’s another great benefit to utilizing the cloud to your advantage, and it hits you right in the wallet.

 If you’re starting a new business, or are operating on older tech, these financial benefits of cloud computing are impressive and worth considering.

Switch from CapEx to OpEx

When you’re getting up and running, it’s imperative to bring your capital expenses down.

Those up-front costs can choke a business to death. The operating costs associated with cloud software and data storage allow you to pay as you go, pay as you earn. The less you spend up front on software and hardware, the less in the red you are from the start.

Get pre-optimized hardware

Servers in closets are costly and you could easily end up using only a fraction of the power of yours. By virtualizing your server, your storage space is exactly the size you need it to be. It grows as you grow, giving you the financial benefits of economies of scale.

Save on power costs                                                             

When you’ve got your own server closet, you’re paying 24/7 to keep it running – whether you’re fully using it or not. Moving your data management to the cloud takes those high-powered servers off your electric bill (and gives you back your closet space).

The hidden cost of ownership

You know the difference. You own the house, you own the repairs. But if you rent the house, they do. By offloading repairs and upkeep, you move the hidden costs of ownership onto your provider’s shoulders.

Save people

Not in the superhero sense, but rather in staffing. Moving to the cloud keeps your IT staff to a minimum because you’ve moved the responsibility of HR elsewhere. This is particularly effective if you’ve matured your company from an “IT guy” model to a managed services provider model.

Focus your operations better

By taking your mind off your software and hardware, tightening up efficiency and productivity, you’re able to shift your focus to what you do best: Running your business. This is where you truly profit, so the more time you get to spend here, the more you make.

There are tons of financial benefits of cloud computing (we could go on all day). Ideally, having an MSP like RedNight Consulting analyze your system gives us a chance to calculate just how much money you can save by optimizing your business in the cloud.

Reach out to us today if you’d like to learn more.