With Office 365, Keep Your Work at Your Fingertips

One of the coolest recent advances from Microsoft is Office 365. Their team of designers and developers fully recognized that succeeding in a digital world requires tools that allow you to be flexible, collaborative and mobile in business, just like in everyday life.

Creating scalable, productive and accessible IT that can be used in almost any scenario is crucial in these competitive times, and Office 365 is the perfect solution to allow your business to adapt and collaborate in any environment.

So what does it do differently for your business?

Cloud Computing

Office 365 operates from the cloud, which means you don’t have to be tied to your desk or on your office LAN to create, modify or share data or documents. Your business team can always access individual files and even share project information from anywhere in the world, offering a newfound ease and convenience for working on your own terms.

Say, for instance, you have to travel for a client meeting at their office. With Office 365, you don’t have to worry about remembering to load your work to your laptop to prepare and deliver your presentation. You can call up the information from the cloud at will in a literal flash to make changes on the fly to customize your presentation or update it based on the client’s input after the meeting. With the cloud working for you, you are not distracted by limitations and workarounds in using your most critical business applications.

Mobility and Real-Time Access

Office 365 also allows you to take your entire experience with you. From your desktop computer to your laptop, your tablet or even your smartphone, Office 365 delivers the exact same user interface and preferences for your account across devices for the ultimate in seamless productivity. If you wonder whether you have created or completed an important file, you can literally check at a stop sign from your mobile phone (of course, we know you won’t check your app while driving).

What’s even more useful is that every document appears to you in real time – in the most current version. This is most helpful with multiple collaborators on a file, ensuring the edits and comments are visible in real time to everyone viewing the file. Review delays and version confusion are virtually eliminated with the fully connected Office 365.

Automatic Updates

If you are already wondering if Office 365 is too good to be true, you are in for another pleasant surprise. Besides streamlining access and content sharing, this cloud-based version of Office maintains the most current software with automatic updates.

When you’re busy running a successful business, you don’t have time or attention to spend on updating your critical applications. With the subscription-based model for the Office 365 applications, you no longer purchase a version that will soon be outdated and replaced at additional expense. You’ll always have the latest Microsoft features, fixes and functionality wherever you are working.

When you want to keep your team competitive and productive while your business is growing and moving ahead, you need the best tools to create and manage your best work. Moving to Office 365 with give you a system that keeps your work literally at your fingertips.