Office 365 is the “Version of Microsoft Office” You’ve Been Waiting for

Office 365 is the “Version of Microsoft Office” You’ve Been Waiting for

Microsoft’s Office program might be a pretty unexciting topic, but we cannot deny its importance as an essential tool for millions of businesses around the world. With the latest Office 365 version however, Microsoft is rapidly challenging the “fixed installation” model seen with older versions.

What on earth are we talking about? Well, the big difference is that Office 365 is now software-as-a-service, which enables companies to provide the application to a large number of users at a more affordable cost. While it comes with all the business productivity tools seen in older versions, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others, today it also supports other features that simply don’t work with offline software.

More Endpoints

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Office 365 is that its subscriptions are more affordable than regular software licenses. With the older model, a single license was good only for a single PC. But Office 365’s Midsize Business and Enterprise E3/E4 editions come with five licenses per subscription, allowing installations on up to five different PCs. That means users can access Office 365 from multiple devices, including the office PC, their laptop on the road, or even a tablet or smartphone device.

Storage in the Cloud

Another big benefit of Office 365 is that it’s cloud-based and can be accessed anywhere. To promote this, Microsoft offers up to one terabyte (1 TB!) of cloud storage for each user. When even larger files can be accessed from any device in any location, you don’t need to be in the office to get your hands on that important spreadsheet for a quick review or last-minute updates. You can download it from anywhere, and share it with colleagues located all over the globe.

Continuous Upgrades

There are big differences between Office 2013 and Office 365’s update models. Because the older version could only be patched on a regular basis with security updates, the product and its features remain unchanged until it reaches its end of life, when it must be replaced to continue receiving updates.

Because Office 365 is a SaaS product, it will never need to be replaced. The SaaS model ensures Office 365 will continue to receive perpetual maintenance and upgrades for as long as Microsoft itself remains in business, which should be a while yet. Every few weeks, Office 365 will be updated with new features and functionality, ensuring you’re using the latest and most up-to-date version of the productivity suite at all times, and for no extra cost.

Collaboration Features

Unlike the older Office, the new version has a strong emphasis on collaboration with colleagues. Programs like OneDrive for storage and SharePoint for file sharing allow workers to share documents in real time and even work on them simultaneously.

Other collaboration tools include Skype integration, with 60 audio minutes per month. Office 365 also enables high-definition video conferencing, instant messaging and screen sharing. Finally, social networking is enabled via Yammer Enterprise to help colleagues collaborate on both a personal and a business level.

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