Staying compliant with mobile working solutions

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Are you concerned about compliance now that most work has shifted to a remote environment? It’s certainly a valid concern as mobile working presents a new set of risks. Remaining compliant with mobile working solutions isn’t unfeasible; you simply need to understand these new threats and how to manage them effectively.

Compliance risks in mobile working situations

Most businesses offer employees the ability to work remotely. But, for many, the shift to mobile working is new due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You need to balance accessibility and productivity with security as your team becomes a remote one. Compliance risks aren’t unique from those you face at your office, but they are now in a new environment, and your network is being accessed from new places.

The major concerns with compliance have to do with security data and privacy. This is applicable to many industries, especially those that are highly regulated, such as healthcare and finance. No matter what your business does, it also needs to remain compliant with its own internal rules regarding areas such as BYOD (bring your own device), passwords, application access, and file sharing.

Beyond your policies, you should also refresh your staff’s training around risks and threats such as phishing. According to a recent report, 91 percent of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email. While you likely have systems in place to combat such emails from making it into the inbox, those protections might not be available if they are being accessed via mobile.

How to mitigate risks

There are several key steps you can take to stay compliant with mobile working solutions. First, you need to centralize applications in the cloud, ensuring security and compliance with regulated access. Unfortunately, according to a survey, 71 percent of staff are using apps not sanctioned by IT. If your employees have free reign to add programs to their work device, it could be dangerous.

Second, ensure that file and data sharing is taking place on a secure cloud infrastructure. This meets the needs of workers, providing them accessibility and the ability to collaborate, while also giving them a safe, secure place to do this.

Third, move your email to the cloud where it can be stored and encrypted, eliminating concerns over data leaks.

You are probably already using the cloud in some capacity. But now that mobile solutions are imperative, you may need to rethink cloud computing and how it’s managed. It doesn’t have to be complicated or a drain on internal resources when you choose to work with a managed cloud provider. The worry of risk and threats can be moved off your plate, delivering peace of mind. You’ll enjoy a host of benefits that support compliance, including automatic maintenance and updates, as well as backup and recovery services.

Top-tier cloud computing from an experienced provider

RedNight is ready to help you remain compliant with mobile working solutions built on top-tier cloud computing via our partnership with AWS. By leveraging this robust platform, your employees can work securely from home and stay productive. Learn more about how we can design a plan for you today by contacting us.