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What is Virtualization?

As more and more businesses turn to the cloud for technology, virtualization (aka, virtual desktop) is taking a seat front and center.

Virtualization takes your server out of the closet and offloads the hardware platforms, storage devices and network resources to an enterprise-level provider. Your virtual desktop then gives you the freedom of the cloud, with state-of-the-art cybersecurity and other features.

Virtualization in Action – RedNight and Amazon WorkSpaces

  • Stop managing endpoints/desktops yourself
  • Run your desktop on multiple devices
  • Integrate your existing Active Directory
  • Strategic best practices for EC2 Windows deployments
  • Have control over your workspace
  • Customize your offering to the services you need
  • Safeguard your data with higher security measures
  • Integrate your old data with ease

Advantages of Virtualization

For many businesses, physical servers and hard drives come with too much downtime and not enough flexibility for the modern workforce. A virtual desktop could be the answer, offering:

Working from home, at a coffee shop or on a faraway island? With virtual desktops by AWS WorkSpaces, it’s possible.

Accidentally drowned your laptop in coffee? No problem. Your entire desktop lives in the cloud. Just log in again from a different device.

Automation takes care of most updates and patches without you noticing. Less time staring at how much of your update is complete.

You’re growing, so we can help you easily scale the resources and desktops you need—especially if you’re using EC2 Windows.

Desktops are now always up to date and only require thin-clients to run. Save on hardware costs for your employee workstations.

Why settle for less than the best in cybersecurity? Virtual desktops give you the highest security, no matter what size your business is.

We Handle Your Amazon WorkSpaces Migration from Start to Finish

From setup to migration and management, RedNight helps you harness the power of your cloud environment by bringing Amazon WorkSpaces into your office – both quickly and hassle-free.

As a certified Amazon Web Services provider, we help you virtualize your desktop for fully managed, cloud-based technology.

Keep IT CapEx Costs Down with Virtual Desktops

Read through our free whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of a virtual desktop, and the capabilities of AWS WorkSpaces.


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