3 Ways Infrastructure as a Service can Help SMBs Catch Huge Waves in the Marketplace


In surfing, you can’t fight the ocean, you have to ride the wave. Sometimes this means paddling with all your might just to drop in on a terrifying wave with the potential to thrust you underwater and drag you along the bottom. The modern business climate can sometimes feel the same way.  

With so many tools and new technologies, it can be hard for businesses to keep up. Especially SMBs, whose IT needs often differ from larger companies in the marketplace, and whose IT budgets might not allow for huge investments in onsite infrastructure.

Taking advantage of cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an amazing and affordable way for SMBs to equip themselves with the infrastructure they need. With IaaS you have the ability scale your infrastructure on demand when you need additional storage, processing power, memory, security, virtual desktops, and more. Avoiding the rocks and eliminating wipeouts becomes easier when you’re in total control of the wave.

So what can the cloud do for your business? Blue skies and smooth rides, that’s what. Here are three ways IaaS can have your business hanging ten non-stop.

Mobility and Continuity

One of cloud infrastructure’s greatest benefits for SMBs is the enhanced mobility it can provide for your business operations. Do your employees need access to critical data and applications out in the field? No problem. Cloud computing allows employees to access the data, systems and tools that keep your business running from any location, whether at the beach, in the office or from the couch.

This means less downtime when waves get choppy or mother nature traps employees at home, and more time carving turns out on the ocean of business. It also means no data loss in the event a big wave wipes your office out and breaks your board. With the cloud, all your data remains safe and secure right where it was, so you can get right back in the water and your clients never suffer the effects.

We know, that was a lot of surfing metaphor. But you get the “Point Break.”

IaaS can keep your business running regardless of potential office downtime.

Cost Efficiency

Infrastructure as a Service means your business gets the advantages of massive IT systems and services without having to invest in housing and maintaining the equipment behind them.

Think of it like renting that awesome new surfboard instead of having to buy it for yourself, letting the business who rents it to you worry about fixing dings, waxing and storing it.

All you have to worry about is the smooth turns and easy ride it gives you out in the business ocean for a single monthly cost. No more excessive costs of securing, upgrading or maintaining it.

Scalable Growth

Dedicated surfers learn new tricks and catch larger waves over time. Eventually, they become Mavericks. The same goes for effective SMBs. They grow operations and expand focus over time, and in the process their IT needs expand too.

A cloud-based infrastructure means unlimited scalability while maintaining the same tools and core network systems. Gone are the days where investing in and trying to ride a new board makes you feel unstable out on the water, constantly struggling to maintain balance until you get the hang of it.

With Infrastructure as a Service, growth is seamless and comes with no need to adjust to new equipment or systems. Your systems grow and expand with you, no matter how fast that growth comes.

The Wash

Cloud-based IaaS brings with it the automated maintenance and up-to-date IT equipment SMBs need to surf right ahead of the competition. It provides the scalability, flexibility, efficiency, and mobility needed to bridge the IT gap so that SMBs can stay in the pocket all day, every day.

No single business solution has as much potential to transform a company from weekend warrior to wave smasher quite as well as Infrastructure as a Service. So what kind of waves will it allow your company to carve? You’ll never know unless you drop in (or give us a call) and see for yourself!