Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

cloud computing as a service

Looking to level up your business, but not sure what that next level looks like? You may be focusing on what you can see at the expense of what you can’t see. The answer, as strange as it may sound, is in the cloud. Or, more specifically, in cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Need more concrete evidence? Consider this: The market for public cloud platforms and business services will reach $236 billion by 2020. IT spending in total will cross the 50% threshold for cloud-based spending in 2018, accounting for 60% of total IT infrastructure.

The data makes it clear that the entire market is shifting toward the adoption of cloud computing solutions to address IT problems and growing technology needs. In fact, the cloud is the new standard in IT services. Cloud computing services are growing at such rapid rates because of the massive benefits they have to offer.

Let’s take a look a few of the most basic benefits.

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Cost Savings with Cloud Infrastructure

Purchasing, housing, and maintaining your own servers is costly. Taking advantage of cloud IaaS eliminates the high upfront costs and need to upgrade equipment over time, replacing them with a monthly operations-based expense that has unlimited scalability. Not to mention faster, broader bandwidth, which frees up time and increases productivity in the process. More productivity means greater revenue.

Reliable, Secure Delivery from Anywhere

Your data is more accessible and secure in the cloud than with on-site servers. Gone are the days where your programs and data are trapped on machines or servers within the confines of your physical business. Instead, authorized employees can access the resources and data they need to work from anywhere. This means greater productivity with enterprise-level security built in.

No More Costly or Catastrophic Data Loss

With a cloud infrastructure, your data is always backed up, no matter what. This guarantees business continuity, meaning even the biggest catastrophe is one upload away from becoming ancient history. That means bye bye ransomware threats, bye bye downtime, and hello peace of mind. Send threats to your functionality and productivity packing before they even make it to your doorstep.  

The Next Level

There are many reasons to consider switching to a cloud infrastructure solution. We’ve discussed several of them in previous posts. But perhaps none are more valuable than the simplicity and ease that come with turning administrative network duties over to your cloud services provider.

Updates, security, backup, and other network admin features which previously had to be scheduled around your workflow are now afterthoughts as they become automated in the cloud. This frees your entire staff up to pursue your company’s mission and business goals without distraction. A refined focus and renewed confidence in cloud infrastructure can vault your company to the next level, and potentially far beyond.

Future Solutions

As amazing as this all sounds, it’s only just the beginning. Increases in machine learning capabilities will soon lead to what many have dubbed the  intelligent cloud.  Today’s tools may ultimately pale in comparison to the advantages and solutions of tomorrow, particularly where cloud computing is concerned.

One thing seems certain, however: today’s businesses who have not yet opted for cloud service solutions will be tomorrow’s cautionary tales, as the advantages and benefits of cloud infrastructure empower their competition to leave them in the dust. Is your company prepared to step into the market of the future?